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Hearing set on Kansas voting rights

Nice, looking forward to this outcome..

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Lawrence fire department's 100-year history reveals much change, but some things remain the same

John W. Miller was my grandfather, I still have his Chief's helmet. Loved spending the summer with him in Osage City, He had great stories, and was a great fisherman.

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(Photo courtesy of the Lawrence/Douglas County Fire & Medical).Crew at #1 station in 1955..From left

Yes, Fritz was the Asst. Chief, my grandfather was John W. Miller who later became the Deputy Fire Marshall for the state.

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Kansas budget director had access to state email, instead used personal account for policy work

This is not correct, we use our phones for email and remote in. you can access numerous ways.

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Kansas elections chief files 3 criminal cases under new law

very doubtful they voted republican Michael, I would say these are only the people that refused to go to the required prayer meetings..

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Consulting firm says 'nothing is off the table' in efficiency study, including education

So, management in the state can't figure out how to train their people to fill out a form to request a stapler? Yup, money well spent then..

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School districts report more than 300 teaching vacancies in Kansas

Frankly I think the state feels that people should stay home and read their Bible in lieu of pursuing education. Them educated people all cause trouble in Lawrence anyhow..

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Gov. Brownback reshuffles hundreds of state workers

It's just a way for him to drop their pay and give them more duties. Employees in the state system won't say a word. Now that they are declassified, they will just get fired.

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Douglas County clerk announces plan for handling suspense voter list

I assume from your personal insults that you support the Kansas GOP..

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