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LMH explores how to educate public on Obamacare

They have been reporting that Medicare is in trouble for the last two decades. Tell me how you think the Affordable Health Care Act is going to hurt you? Start with reading this AARP article.

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Local couples must wait to learn extent of same-sex marriage rights

I've never had a homosexual person push their lifestyle on me, however I've had countless Christians push their "beliefs" on me. Whether it be somebody knocking on my door at dinner time to tell me the 'word of god" or the religious right legislators. Sorry, not everyone in the US is a Christian. Keep your religion to yourself and out of my government.

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Letter: Gun ‘rights’

God given right? Where does it say this in the bible? The founding fathers gave me the Second Amendment.....not your god.

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Driver crashes into house after losing control of vehicle on K-10

If you can't figure out how to properly operate a vehicle even in an emergency, you shouldn't be driving. It is YOUR responsibility to know your limits and how to operate YOUR vehicle safely. Driving is a privilege and not a right. Then again, these are things that I feel should be taught to ALL new drivers. If we had proper driver's education and training in the country, we wouldn't have so many idiot drivers.

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Cyclist suffers critical injuries after being struck by SUV

I was listening to the scanner when this happened. I'm pretty sure I heard medic one go on scene in less than 3 minutes. They are at the fire station at 8th & Kentucky.

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City commissioners split on proposed roundabout at Ninth and New Hampshire

"Driver's approaching a roundabout are supposed to yield to cars to their right in the roundabout"??? lol I think you're doing it wrong. That, or you're posting from Great Britain.

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Firefighters extinguish controlled burn of mobile homes

- “You can’t just light a house on fire.”
- The person responsible for the fire was not fined or charged with any crimes.

Kind of sounds like you can. :-/

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Mobile phone apps launched for website

I guess clicking on the link in the article was too easy? It takes you directly to the app's page.

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Lawrence man, 31, faces charges in local burglaries

Is this the same guy that broke into the fire station at 6th and Kasold?

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One transported by helicopter after two-vehicle accident at 25th and Iowa streets

Nobody HAS to run red lights. If you run a red light, either you were speeding or should have failed your DMV test when you failed to realize that a yellow light means prepare to stop (not speed up).

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