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Personally, I would like to comment about the article above.

I just sent out an email to some friends on Sunday saying that I hope Reesing starts to get more national attention. He deserves it. Poised and very aware. But his biggest atribute is his tremendous ability to limit the mistakes (as a Bears fan, that concept is a little difficult for me to comprehend... perhaps Rex Grossman should watch some Reesing game film). The one factor of his game I would like to see him work on, though, is allow himself to throw the ball away more often. He has shown on several occasions that he trusts his abilities and that has allowed him to escape tacklers and make tremendous plays. However, it has also caused him to be sacked when he didn't necessarily need to be. I'm glad we have a great playmaker, but if he can learn to walk that ridiculously thin line of "make a play or throw it away" he could become a top tier quaterback and serious heismann contender. Either way, he is a fantastic athlete, great QB, and a good, humble person. Couldn't be happier to call him a Jayhawk.

However, If I hear one more analyst make a "Doug Flutie" reference about him simply because he's short, I may need to shoot someone.....

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