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School déjà vu

Before those schools it was India and Kaw Valley, which Kaw Valley was a gift from Co-op, no overhead. Lame school board with individuals who remember that only to say "we need another school there" , and built Prairie Park. Somewhere there is someone who sees the logic in it.The parents of those kids never did nor the PTA for those schools. Lawrence needs to flip the switch on their meeting room, we would all be better off.

They are buying land out by 31st street to build another school.........logic?

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Lawrence City Commission to consider construction bid to renovate old Carnegie Library

Just remember the federal grant money still comes from our pocketbook too. Nice you got the cost whittled down from $3 million. Bet that would fix a lot of streets and help with a sewer before asking citizens here for it, AGAIN.

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Coalition calls for further study before legislators ban K2

GOOD! It's about time the phrase,"I'm gonna smoke your Asssss",takes on a whole new meaning.

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Should the city of Lawrence spend $1.9 million to extend sewer service to the Lawrence Municipal Airport to make the area more attractive to developers?

These commissioners really won't be in office much longer, clearly clueless. Next election NOW.

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Smart wind

I just can't wait for more coal dust to fly here.
Watch the landscape change. Russell would be a great place for wind farms. The winds blow every evening regular as clockwork.

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Smoking, obesity top state health issues

If they really cared it would cost taxpayer less if they would give discounted stop smoking kits away. AND THEY are not doing THAT!! I would not mind paying for it either.
I am not going to say what I am thinking because it would get removed. so !!@##@!!### idiotic leadership. What are you doing with your time we are paying for ----we are losing much more taxpayer dollars for that.

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Lawrence losing shoppers

COWBOY is right on the money !! Or the reason for lack of it. He would get our votes.Cracker Barrel got a no,Red Loster got a no,American Eagle got a no. Management is looking at maintaining instead of growing in the right area's, keep it up and all your kids out of High School will be working as service industry low wage only. No doubt. The Food for Less prime location-*-still vacant...no reason to push for a business in there?? Get off your Asssssssssssss Commissioners,get to work. Chamber of Commerce...where?? The companies that do operate here make sure people don't stay with them for long either. Why because they start all over again every year with cheap student labor. Wise up. If families cannot make enough to spend here then the city makes less sales tax from them. I even have to admit that I drove to Legends after a game in Lawrence to take everyone to dinner. Lawrence can't even meet the needs of its own populace. Building homes and making us pay for it is just as stupid,developers need to support their own water and sewage plants. LOL

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Broad impact

More lies :
"Property values will decrease in neighborhoods where a school is closed. Some estimate as much as a 10 percent decrease"
Will NEVER happen, having seen the closing of many schools in Lawrence over the years. LOL!! The citizens of Lawrence are incredibly ignorant to believe such hype. As a business how could the board justify no saving to closing a school building paid for with a new one to be buildt? On the backs of the taxpayers that is how. They are already looking for land to purchase.
If they spent as much on education as they do on state of the art sports items then a greater percentage of kids in this city would have a greater chance of receiving a 'real' education with better teachers and classes they can use the rest of their lives. Crowd one school to sale another; what a scam.

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City Commission to consider approving expanded proposal for shopping center in far northwest Lawrence

Let the developers pay for the sewage and water they need,don't go taxing us for it. We can do without if that is the situation.

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Department of Revenue resolves tax disputes leading to $40 million in revenue

Kansas legislature should be ashamed to have an article pronounce that `they' failed to oversee accounts to get it that high to begin. Now tell me about something better managed in 2008 and 2009 so I can decide who stays and who goes.

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