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Newt Gingrich to speak at Dole Institute

Come on Merrill, your constant spam and paste makes it much more likely that my link will be mistaken for your spam and skipped over. It's definitely worth a read, and you should know by now that everyone skips your posts anyways.

Open letter to Newt Gingrich from his own sister.
"The truth is that you're living in a world that no longer exists. I, along with millions of Americans, clearly see the world the way it as -- and we embrace what it can be. You, on the other hand, seem incapable of looking for new ideas or moving beyond what worked in the past."
"In other words, stop being a hater, big bro."

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One taken to Kansas City hospital after shooting incident

Lmao, if only you posters knew, Tech N9ne is associated more with a white kid fanbase than hardcore thugs. Tech N9ne falls in somewhere around the Kottonmouth Kingz / ICP genres.

That said, enjoy:
This is the moment for riders and thugs
Strippers and body bag, zippers and violence and drugs
Poverty, a bunch of minorities die in the clubs
They say my music's making 'em lose it, I write it in blood
This is my music for all my people missing my music
Keep listening to it, ain’t like I said get a pistol and use it
Satan shot my homie Maintain with a missile and blew it
for the industry, cause he was one of the truest..

I don't know why they keep pumping it's something
Maybe in the music when it be pumping
it's crunk and it's hella haterific
Throw your set up in the air is all the DJs really wanna play
when it’s over it’s looking bloody and Satanistic
Killas from everywhere listen to me when I be bussin s--t
I’m turbulent, some get nervous when I wreck arenas
Concert promoters in Honolulu don't wanna see me
cause they say that Somoans will riot on Tecca Nina!

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The View From N O T So Sweet Home Alabama Street !

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The View From N O T So Sweet Home Alabama Street !

You're pathetic and need a new hobby.

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The View From N O T So Sweet Home Alabama Street !

Oh my, what does Marion Lenin suggest as a solution? Are schools never to expand their facilities?

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Obama adviser resigns amid controversy

How does a green jobs czar have the power to throw out capitalism, Godot? Do you think about anything you post before submitting?

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Begging the question is a logical fallacy and only sounds good in your simple mind. The KKK is ideologically closer to fundamentalist christian republicans than any socialist/comnunist group anyways.

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ksdiva, you really should look up the definition of logic (and half the other terms you use) in a dictionary. What the hell does the KKK have to do with communism? The ignorance here is depressing.

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God Is A Scientist

Denak 2:01, by your same logic, please explain how you know unicorns dont exist. One can still justifiably conclude that such irrational myths dont exist without being able to prove their nonexistence

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Statehouse Live: School funding advocate alleges racially-charged photo was used

Kathy Cook is an idiot. It's a photo, 99% of news stories use them. If the guy was white, would there be a problem? How ridiculous, and I lean pretty far left. Race baiting by any side is stupid, but it's not limited to or representative of any single party. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the vast majority of dems on LJW will agree - not racist, and Kathy Cook is an idiot for making such accusations.

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