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Kansas Senate passes budget that includes cuts to KU and student financial aid

So, is the Senate punishing KU because Douglas county votes somewhat Democratic?

Can legislators not pass any increase in funding without first getting approval from their main sponsors, Charles and David Koch?

This is Brownbackistan, for sure:

The writing's on "The Wall."

"We don't need no education...:

"New boss, same as the old boss."

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Two legislators will file bill to change proof-of-citizenship requirement for voters

Kobach's law has caused trouble for a number of states.

It has no other purpose than to keep certain demographics from voting, including Democrats, students, union members, or minorities.

Kobach has long been a racist for hire, sucking at the Koch brothers' teat.

Throwback's judicial appointment of Phill Kline's lawyer is another reason that there will be a special session, so that this and others like it can be rushed through further from public scrutiny.

You can bet on other hijinks while they're in session.

Let's hope that Scam is just a one-term governor.

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Proposed cuts to corrections system could endanger Kansans, secretary says

Kansas is fortunate in that there has been a state law that has forbidden the construction of new for-profit prisons since the '90s. Derek Schmidt tried unsuccessfully for years to get that law repealed.

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Proposed cuts to corrections system could endanger Kansans, secretary says

There are a lot of parolees who get busted for dirty U.A.s. That could mean going back to jail for smoking a joint two weeks earlier.

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Legislature makes no progress; Brownback leaves state to tout tax cuts

All roads lead to Koch.

The Illinois Policy Institute is largely a creation of David H. and Charles de Ganahl Koch, the brothers of whom Brownback is a wholly owned subsidiary.

It gets money, "partnership" and other support from from the Donors Trust, the Claude R. Lambe Foundation, the American Legislative Exchange Council, the Franklin Foundation, etc., etc.

Go to the Sourcewatch website for more info on Sam and the brothers.

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Kansas regulation board, doctor battle over abortion case costs

The "felon" mentioned in this post is Cheryl Sullenger, convicted of conspiracy and preparations involving plotting the bombing of a medical clinic in California. She is a convicted terrorist, in the common definition of the term.

It was Sullenger who gave the assassin of Dr. George Tiller the address of the doctor's church and his schedule where he was ushering at mass. That was so that Roeder, himself previously convicted of transporting bomb making materials, could find Tiller in order to murder him. When he was caught fleeing the scene of his crimes (he also threatened two other church volunteers with death) he had Sullenger's cell phone # on a post-it note on his dashboard.

The Brownback regime finds itself quite comfortably in bed with this terrorist organization, that has had a long association with and has acted in support of killers, homicidal maniacs and bombers. Like Operation Rescue itself, Brownback's people are quick to file charges against anyone who opposes their fundamentalist, anti-civil libertarian agenda. In fact Sam appointed most of those zealots who sat in judgment of Dr. Neuhaus.

I am reminded of the show trials in the Soviet Union and during the purges by the Communist regime in Mao's China.

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Kansas regulation board, doctor battle over abortion case costs

Neuhaus has spent an enormous amount of money to date defending herself against the malicious attacks by the Brownbackistan Taliban. This is a clear case of violations of civil rights including free speech over constitutional issues. I hope she's suing Sam for tortuous interference. I can't imagine she has many resources left, but she deserves her day in court and it should not be the prerogative of the same kangaroo court that found against her, refusing to consider evidence and testimony, to deny her the right of appeal.

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Kansas regulation board, doctor battle over abortion case costs

Taitz is from outer space, but is currently residing in California though she has been running around the country filing frivolous lawsuits. If anyone is assessed court costs it should be she, who has wasted the time of judges with "birther" lunacy. She is an attorney whose main practice before her jihad against the president was in defending her own dental work from malpractice lawsuits.

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Manhattan man drops challenge to Obama on state ballot

It it's "slightly" foolish looking, then Jimmy Hoffa, Sr., looks only "slightly" dead.

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Impact unclear on how new federal regulations aimed at fighting sexual assault in prisons will affect Kansas

The Corrections Corporation of America, which owns the only for-profit prison in Kansas, located in an industrial park in Leavenworth, just marshaled substantial corporate resources to resist a shareholder resolution that would have required it to report rapes in its prisons and policies and procedures to prevent rapes and other sexual abuse.

The resolution received almost 15 million votes in support, and another 13 million shares abstained or did not vote on the measure.

The corporation fought the introduction of the resolution, but was rebuffed by the Securities and Exchange Commission which found the resolution to be legitimate. Then CCA sent multiple communications to shareholders begging for a vote to continue to keep its operations shrouded.

The CCA Board members had voted unanimously against the resolution. They included Thurgood Marshall, Jr., who has sullied his father's name by selling out for about $180,000 a year he is paid as a board member. Charles Overby, the founder of the Freedom Foundation and the Newseum which honors freedom of the press, voted to maintain the corporate veil of secrecy over its sordid operations. Former Senator Dennis DeConcini, of Arizona, who supposedly safeguarded the integrity and transparency of government contracts when he was in office, voted to keep private the corporation's failures and its resistance to proactive compliance with PERA.

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