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Civil rights advocates: 'Confidential' documents undercut Kobach's voting fraud claim

It's indeed disturbing that in a state where the capitol building features an immense mural of John Brown, what voters remained after his purge of 20,000 legitimate voters elected this openly racist weasel to keep black and brown citizens from voting.

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Kansas considers lease-purchase deal to replace old prison

In 2006, GEO Group wanted to change the state law that prohibits the construction of new for-profit prisons. GEO Group wanted to build anywhere it wanted, so it convinced the cargo cult rubes in Yates Center that they would build there, if only the law were changed. They contributed a considerable amount of money to Derek Schmidt and he appeared to have "steered" contributions from them to other critical legislators, all but one or two whom were Republicans. To make sure there appeared to be a "need" for the beds, they pushed to get "Jessica's Law" passed, which the KS Sentencing Commission estimated would create a need for 1,000 more "beds," the industry term for capacity. The law would have been counterproductive because it would have made plea bargains impossible, forcing young children to be subjected to withering cross examinations from defense counsel. GEO even appeared to be paying Mark Lunsford, Jessica's dirtbag dad, to go around to other states as well as Kansas, to testify in the law's behalf. Schmidt, unable to get the repeal bill passed, "bundled" it with Jessica's Law, a "must pass" bill (voting against would be used to campaign against any legislators not willing to go along with passage). That's what Fitzgerald is probably buying into. He came close to losing his last two elections, so he is undoubtedly anxious to build up his war chest.

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Kansas considers lease-purchase deal to replace old prison

I have yet to see a for-profit prison corporation involved in any proposal that was not essentially a scam. If the state wanted to have a new prison built for the "efficiencies," it could bid it out and rest assured it got the best design, materials and price. Why should it become a renter? Why should it let the profit motive direct the course of corrections and criminal justice in the state of Kansas. Haven't we enough problems already, with Brownback determined to bankrupt the state in the interests of his two top contributors: Charles and David Koch?

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Opinion: A world where the truth is losing

While David Ignatius is advocating for "truth," he claims that, "Russia’s propaganda campaigns since the 2014 invasion of the Crimea have been much subtler and harder to combat."

I'm no fan of Russia, but how indeed did they "invade" Crimea? They were already there and had been so for centuries. They were the hugely the majority ethnicity of the population and their naval base was the biggest employer in the former part of the Soviet Union, only moved to the Ukrainian Soviet Republic by Stalin in the early '70s. Many Tatars had returned after their 1944 exile to distant Soviet republics during WWII, and it was because they (and many Ukrainians) had made common cause with the invading Nazis. The coup that removed the Ukrainian president/kleptocrat, replaced him with a government in which the neo-Nazis had significant sway.

Crimea was Russia's only warm water port (Murmansk is marginal), where its fleet was based. It faced eviction and its reannexation of the Crimea was imperative for its security.

The U.S. moves to destabilize the Ukraine, which favored the far right, were ill advised. Victoria Nuland's phone conversation, intercepted by the Russians a month earlier, left them with little choice but to act.

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ACLU: Kobach 'deliberately' creating voter chaos in Kansas

At the risk of violating Goddard's Law, I seem to smell sulphur when Kobach's in the neighborhood, trying to enforce eugenics via the ballot box.

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Former prison guard files lawsuit alleging civil rights and ADA violations

CCA has always had terrible problems with exploiting staff, especially female staff. Wardens at their prisons in Pinal County, Arizona, regularly sexually harassed female subordinates. In their Crowley County prison in Ordway, Colorado, sexual harassment and abuse by both managers and peers eventuated in a class action suit that was settled for over a million dollars. They even bragged about how "veteran-friendly" they were, at the same time as they were refusing to honor their commitment to fairly rehire Oklahoma vets returning from combat deployments. They underpaid staff by ten of millions, only recouped by those then-current and former employees willing to be compensated via class action suits.

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ACLU: Two-thirds of new Kansas voter registrations on hold

Actually, the only two of which I'm familiar were a couple of friends of and campaign contributors to Derek Schmidt from Independence, who voted for McCain in '08 both in Kansas and Green Valley, Arizona. Kobach didn't prosecute them: The feds did.

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ACLU: Two-thirds of new Kansas voter registrations on hold

Actually, it is difficult. Kobach's whole purpose is to disenfranchise as many students, women, minorities, poor people and frequent movers as possible. The more hurdles he throws up before them, the easier it will be for the Koch stooges to win elections. It's not that the hurdles are insurmountable: It's that the more difficult he makes it for targeted voting applicants who should be able to vote, the more unlikely that people will be willing to put up jumping over those hurdles and will just forego their participation in the electoral system. Kobach's, Brownback's and the Kochs' ideal is to have all elections decided by well-off white males, just as the framers of the Constitution literally intended.

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Gov. Brownback says Kansas pulling out of refugee funding program

Wow! Scary! Especially the short ones with bows in their hair. Keep allert!

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