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School consolidation working group won’t pursue specific closings

This is easy for the Pinckney, Sunset Hill, and Kennedy representatives to say. Afterall, none of them have put forth a serious proposal to close "their" school. Go back and look over the minutes. Sunset Hill proposed building what equated to a new school. Kennedy proposed closing Kennedy only if they were to get a new building. Pinckney said the same.

It's just odd that the representatives that are working to represent all of the schools are being singled out.

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Divisive task

Government cheese.

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School consolidation working group won’t pursue specific closings

I would agree that it is disingenuous to not look at the data. This includes previous and current reports. From all accounts this group has done that. Dr. Doll has brought up the possibility of going against the charge.

Also, that's a tough accusation you are making with regards to the three groups. Each of those groups put forth proposals to "consolidate" schools.

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School consolidation working group won’t pursue specific closings

Very shortsighted Mr. Plates. Have you read the recent reports from RSP? They outlined a much stronger population growth in the "consolidation areas." I would assume that some members of the Consolidation Working Group realized that it might not make sense to close schools in the areas that are experiencing growth.

You seem to want the group and district to move forward with the charge for the sake of moving forward with the charge. That doesn't seem like responsible planning.

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Not broken

It would be nice if the Journal World or Channel 6 actually reported RSP's finding. Unfortunately the report was buried by the administration and (some members') School Board's rallying cry to close schools.

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School consolidation working group renews resolve for mission

What I want to know is why the LJW has not talked to the current board about where they stand on this issue.<<<

The Journal World fired their reporter who covered the school district. A reporter who had been reporting Lawrence news for nearly 20 years.

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School consolidation working group renews resolve for mission

Someone from McDonald Drive really needs to explain this push for consolidation. The stated goal is efficiency, but what the administration seems to mean is some vague concept of economic efficiency. Most people would agree that we need to spend tax dollars efficiently, but this conversation about efficiency is lacking a real conversation regarding education. We are being led to believe that it is a smart idea to close two or three schools so that one or two larger school MIGHT get a full time nurse and/or librarian and/or social worker and/or "Specials" teachers.

Remember, the students are not guaranteed any of those things. But don't worry, the district is already working on using the money saved by closing east side schools to institute full day kindergarten at Langston Hughes. Where I'm from that is a reallocation of funds.

Maybe the next step will be to move the early childhood programs out west as well. Based on RSP's enrollment projections there will be "excess capacity" in the western schools. Whatever schools remain in the East Side will be overcapacity due to the "regreening" that is projected to take place in the urban core.

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New direction

This LTE contains more reporting than the recent articles covering the subject. I really hope that members of the public, school board, school district, and Consolidation Working Group read this letter and take note.

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Firm maps out school consolidation group's proposals

The plans are to implement full day kindergarten in all of the schools. . .this includes Langston Hughes. The money saved by closing one elementary school in central or east Lawrence will help pay for this program at Langston Hughes. This is according a a report by the district to the school board.

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