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Retired public employees seeking cost of living adjustment

While you are correct that Kansas State employees recieve a pension that is for life, the rest of your discussion is very misleading. Kansas State empolyees pensions are calculated at 1.5% per year of active service. Kpers deductions are not taken out the first year they are employed and when a State employee buys it back, if they do, the cost to them is based on the cost at the time that they decide to buy it back. This is always, more than it would have cost for that first year if it were deducted from their pay check at the time that they were hired.

Second, how many people do you currently know who have stayed with the same employer for 35 years. I'll bet not many. You make it sound like State emplyees are ripping the public off what has lawfully been promised to them as if it were their own doing. Not true and never was. Kansas State emplyees provide a valuable service to the public, usually directed by the sometimes stupid rules, regulations and laws put into effect by the legislature and the governor. In addition, what about the employee who retired, say ten or even fifteen years ago. As you state, the pension is calculated on the "final average salary". Do you really think most state emplyees made $50,000.00 per year ten or more years ago and that they all live forever?

I would agree, the system needs to be fixed, but don't try to make it sound like retired state employees have a financial windfall and turn the public on the very people who attempt to carry out a very necessay function of our lives as Kansans . They are just living by the rules created by the the Kansas state government leaders who people like you and everyone else elects.

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