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Editorial: Master plan

Colleges like Baker and Park University have known for decades that online ed offerings, not buildings were the way to go. In our Developer driven Lawrence, you can bet the comptons and fritzels will be gunnung for more buildings. Don't let them push you around Bernadette!

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Letter: Creativity is key

Music is one of this countries largest export products! Entertainment exports are a HUGE piece of America's GDP. We dont see it because we live in the midwest but hundreds of thousands of "creatives" are employed on the coasts. They need to recognized. It is a viable career option.

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Letter: Creativity is key

I know a district in Kansas that took art out of the elementary schools due to budget cuts at the state. Now they cant figure out why their kids cant think outside of the box. They want their kids to collaborate and be creative but they were told what do every step of the way. The students are always asking permission to do things. Can I color this green? Its a travesty.

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Bills seek to overhaul high school competition

I disagree. The low income kids will be scouted nd recruited.

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Bills seek to overhaul high school competition

I would bet, if all competitive sports went private, the coaches would make a lot more money and they wouldnt have to pretend to teach social studies. Our teens would score higher on their history assessments, and the kids wouldnt have to choose between school and club sports. It would all be club. Problems solved!

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Bills seek to overhaul high school competition

Save school budgets for instruction and fitness not competition. Let the private sports clubs handle that! If public schools divest themselves of the financial burden of competitive sports, there might be money to hire more teachers, reduce class sizes and pay those teachers what they deserve. Private sports could then be sponsored by the Koch brothers and Sprint.

We can NOT have the luxury of fancy sports facilities and uniforms to keep up with the wealthier districts. Divest of sports completely. What a savings of government money there would be for education in the state of Kansas. Divest Brownback. I dare you!

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Bill Self questions team's toughness, desire following home loss to OSU

That was a strategic loss. Self knows what he is doing. He needed a loss to set the team up in a particular direction. He picked OK at home. Fine. The AP rankings effect seats and future teams played in tourneys. Why would he want to stay number 1?

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Editorial: Kansas aspirations

Yep. Kansas is messing with the one thing that made us appealing at the state line. Schools. If the big businesses we gave temp tax breaks to would cough up the money they owe the State in taxes we would be in better shape. The Legends is restructuring debt in bankrupcy and on the auction block to ESCAPE their tax obligation that recently kicked in. I dont want sneaky businesses to screw the Government...the people...of our state. They hurt more than help.

Businesses lie. Why do people trust them?

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Developer, proposed Rock Chalk Park partner Thomas Fritzel involved in company that owes $3.4M in back taxes, fees

Dodging Taxes is about the most unpatriotic thing a person/business can do. Its like stealing money from your customers or defecating on a fallen soldiers grave. For someone who wants to do business in Lawrence with this athletic center I say....cough up your back taxes and we will talk. But not before. Developers make bad choices.

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Court hearing granted in "birther" challenge to Obama's place on the Kansas ballot

LOL! The objections board and Kris Kobach are going to look like liberals when they are forced by law to concede that Pres. Obama is legally allowed to be on the ballot in KS. Go on Tea Party Birther Kooks! You are just pushing our conservative politicians further to the LEFT!

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