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House's top budget writer says legislators will have lots of questions for higher education officials

I can't think of a single building at a Kansas institution that has a Koch Brother's name on it. You see....we are small potatoes to them. They curry favor on the island of Manhattan, NOT Manhattan Kansas. So...we assume they would invest in Kansas with the way they pillage our state and try to dismantle our government that is supposed to be run BY the people, FOR the people. But they could honestly care LESS about us and our little people problems. (that they create!)

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House's top budget writer says legislators will have lots of questions for higher education officials

I hope they ask the Universities why they still pay to have a mail services department. Interoffice mail is a dinosaur. People just attach documents to email these days. The US Postal service would be required to pick up the postal code at no additional cost to the school or the tax payer. Just think how much the director of a university mail department makes? 50-70 thousand a year? There is STATE taxpayer money to be saved at all State run Universities. Why hasn't one of those high paid money saving consultants come up with this?

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Junction City properties owned in part by Rock Chalk Park developer going to auction for unpaid taxes and fees

I have never wanted an unbiased new source covering the inner sanctum of Lawrence, KS more than I do right now! Why can't we have a "Lawrence" edition of the KC Star? There is just too much cronyism and interconnectedness by the Simon's Family to get these stories straight!
Even the UDK is just a branch of the World Company. No checks and balances here.

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Editorial: Resort plan

Sad that there weren't more proposals. Competition can't thrive in a vacuum. I wonder if Fritzel and the other developers feel they have "Played out their hand" with the city in terms of getting sewers and infrastructure freebies. The other developers seem to have their minds on other things and have played this "resort" game at Clinton before. However, maybe new blood is necessary. I'd like to see a different architecturally inspiring structure built. Everyone know what a "compton" building looks like. It's always more of the same. Let's let some new blood in and maybe we'll see a kinder, gentler, more customer friendly space for all to use.

I have 0 interest in the sport facility spearheaded by Fritzels, but I love to Kayak!

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Regal chain buys Lawrence's Hollywood Theaters; speculation begins on whether upgrade is in the future

Basically the Regal guy is saying...we don't have any competition in Lawrence, so why upgrade? It is a well run facility. Don't hold your breath on those upgrades.

If LightLyre film house was smart...it would purchase a space and convert it into a dollar house. OR....how about a 2.00 drive in? Wireless sound?

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Artists an untapped resource for community development, expert says

If there is any federal money involved, Brownback and his men will sniff you out and demand you return the funds. Can't have federal handouts in our "pure" state.

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Opinion: Economic schemes likely to hurt Kansas

I gotta get out of this state. I hate being treated like a guinea pig.

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Editorial: Budget blunders

Congrats Kansas. You elected a bunch of incompetent legislators.

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School board hires principals, discusses bond plans

Do you remember what this new method is called? Blended? flipped? Differentiated? There are so many fancy new approaches to teaching now its hard to keep them straight.

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School board hires principals, discusses bond plans

Actually studies show, in urban populations, students respect female administrators more than male. Many urban youth come from single family households where mothers or, in many cases, grandmothers govern the family. The argument for a male administrator in an urban district would be for that person to provide a positive role model for the students, showing them that men can be committed and caring.

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