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Mold can pose health hazards, remains unregulated

I have been best friends with Alan Vitt for a long time and he is one of the most ethical and upstanding person I have ever known. I owe my life to this man who is always been there for me. It upsets me to see such hateful comments being said about my friend by people who have no idea who he is. Alan bigggest failing here was that he cared too much. He tried to help these people who have done nothing but manipulate him and others for financial gain. Alan is a decent caring individual who does not derserve to be treated by these lies.

LJWorld is extremely unethical for not ignoring the actual facts here and manipulating information to sell newspapers. Go by the printed address given in the paper and see for yourself that the house is not for rent. I know for a fact that Alan does not know what he will do but more in likely be sold at a loss. While it is not too surprising to see for this newspaper, it is very disappointing to see a staff writer smear the reputation of my best friend. I sincerely hope that Aly Van Dyke gets fired.

Please leave my friend alone and out of your hateful comments.

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Goodbye, Rove

correction "his home"

Need more coffee....

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Goodbye, Rove

I imagine the Colonel has several self-portraits and many mirrors hanging all over him home. Man it sure is hard to be humble when you are so perfect in every way...

All-hail to the Colonel and his new clothes!

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Poverty in Lawrence families ranks above state average


So by using the same inane analysis, Witchita, which is considered to be one of the most conservative cities in the United States, of course would have a higher proverty rate than Lawrence?????

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Poverty in Lawrence families ranks above state average


You know what's even more odd, a city commission that has been and continues to be dominated by a conservative bastion of greed, gluttony, and authoritarianism.

Having trouble finding it FU, I find that it always helps to pull your head out first.

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Ex-teacher arrested for contacting student

My apologies to you TOB for the wrongful source attribution of the said quote. Indeed, or even the goings on of anyone's privacy behind closed doors. I totally agree with most on here though, being a willing participant does not matter, the 24 year old teacher needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Well said THB.

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Ex-teacher arrested for contacting student

"And, if he's like most boys his age, he was probably a chronic masturbator" TOB


No comment.

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Warming denial

Ah finally some enlightenment from Das and Azure.

Now here is something we could all hang our hats onto....

(Stilll madly in love with you Azure)

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Warming denial

"There's no SUVs on Mars, but the ice caps are shrinking there." -- kansas778

Uh uh uh....

ok you're right,

No need to tangle with you.

You are embarrasing.

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Planned Parenthood challenges new Missouri abortion law


You should go back and read that website that I posted earlier. I think you might even find yourself (gasp) agreeing with some of Sanger's views particularly her take on charities.

As far as being a plagarist, well I don't really give a rat's a$$ about it. Just thought it might be easier to post the link instead 3 or 4 long postings. Also I never figured you were passing it off as your own but it does give us some idea of where it comes from which always carries a little more weight with me. The info you gave does come from a clear pro-life site which has been known to be, shall we say a little creative with their historical perspective. The site I found seems to me to be a little more credible even though Franks (author of the site) clearly comes out against Planned Parenthood as well. She at least is attempting to ascertain what quotes could actually be attributed to Sanger and the context they are given in. Just my 2 cents thats all.

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