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Do you think we should get rid of the penny?

" Eddie_Haskell 29 minutes ago

A better question: What is John looking at?"

Not 100% sure, Edith. Looks like he was keeping it above the belt though. Must not be from Florida..


Guess the eyes went to the photogs' upper chest?...

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Have you started your holiday shopping?

Bea, or Nancy? Who would have guessed....

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Letter: Gun access

Ok. Not sure I have ever seen so much banter - some valid points, others not. I guess I will throw my hat in as well.

If any of you think that the horrible thing that happened last Friday will change anything, gun control, etc. you are wrong.

Our President has control, in a small way, and may even "own" the SCOTUS. However, if he tries to needle into the Second Amendment, he may want more arms to save himself, family, and others whom protect him. I pray that this would never be.

I know. Sounds crazy, right? Just hope no more harm comes from crazy people who kill human beings. That is just not how we, as "civilized" people, act unless there is a certain "wrong" instability going on which has been overlooked or ignored or are threatened with certain peril.

I own a firearm or two and have been educated on the respect and use for such. It does not appear that others have, in a school or on the street, and that is truly scary. Very scary.

For those who do have the education, respect, knowledge, and fear of what a firearm of any name, age, caliber, or history is capable of you should not be penalized by the actions of others who do not.

- Have a nice day!!

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Letter: Gun access



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Have you started your holiday shopping?

Pretty much. Am just waiting for the 3-30 round clips for my 2001 AK. - Have a nice day :)

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How would you prepare for the Mayan apocalypse Friday?

Apocalypto. . . Mel is psychotic. Am going to wait for a drunk dial call as I am the One Who Got Away. ( Wink). I still love you, though.

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If you had to encounter a ghost from “A Christmas Carol,” which one would it be?

Hmm...I have not seen a caroler at my door step for years. Used to be fun. I have had a few Carols though -nice and warm.... Either Lurch or Herman Munster.??..They were both around during Christmas.

Or, that boy Tiny Tim, but I think he was not a ghost but he could play a mean ukulele.

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What do you think of the idea to build an ‘outer loop’ highway for $2 billion?

Am out of the "Loop" on this one. Does it include Brown Bears, Beer, Billboards of Lesbians, and Bullets? That would not be too bad.

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What is your favorite kind of cookie?

Helen. Will this be appropriate?


What is the frequency, Helen?

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What is your favorite kind of cookie?

Ya' know what is really strange? A giraffe, as big as one would be, is still very large as seen through a Vector scope at almost a mile away. . . .

Never liked cookies. Ok, Helen?? Or is this one flushed too?

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