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Kathleen Sebelius resigns from Obama Cabinet

A great idea. By the time she runs, ACA will be full strength and much more fully embraced. Her real legacy will be the implementation of one of the great programs in U.S. history. Sign me up as soon as she announces.

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Letter: Minimum wage

Lawrence needs to lead the way in establishing a minimum wage in the $10 range. I suggest 9.99 per hour for its economic and symbolic power. I'll be creating an organizing group within the next couple of weeks which will be providing actual facts about the economic benefits of such a move. Lawrence will be the first city in the state to bump the wage, we'll reap the economic benefits and the city will be back on its way to becoming the leading progressive community in the region.

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Dever highlights Rock Chalk Park, SLT in State of the City address

Lawrence is located in the most backwater state in America. There was a time when our community was the oasis of progressive thought in a conservative state. But in the hard-right politics of the last few years, we've allowed Lawrence to devolve from a progressive, intellectually stimulating and growing community into a suburban-minded cookie-cutting community.

City commission after city commission after city commission has failed to deliver on the potential of this community. Instead of making this a vibrant city, we've strip-malled ourselves into believing that we are "keeping up" while we are, in fact, falling way behind.

KU has failed just as much by becoming stagnant, complacent and lethargic. In terms of a flagship, KU is more of a dingy.

This community has enormous potential. We can become the greatest small city in the Midwest. But first we need to disengage from the approaches of the past and understand that you grow from within. It's time for a pedestrian-friendly, fun, funky and vibrant community to emerge. It won't do so if we keep doing what we are doing.

Elections are April 15. It's time for a full flush.

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Plans filed for retail strip along South Lawrence Trafficway

Out-of-state inspired sprawl is not what the community needs. There are plenty of underused and/or vacant locations for retailers to locate along South Iowa and 23rd.

This is a "more of the same" retail mentality that just continues to shift commerce further away from the city core, create stress and vacancies on current properties and adds virtually nothing in the way of quality jobs or new tax revenue. It does add cost, though, by continuing to stretch the city. We have plenty of cookie-cutter companies in town already and we have the Tea Party Hardware store coming, so we should be all set with ways to send our money out of the city.

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Development group files plans to add more than 20 retailers, restaurants to south Iowa Street

We need to raise the minimum wage in Lawrence. That would help a lot to get the economy in Lawrence moving again.

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Development group files plans to add more than 20 retailers, restaurants to south Iowa Street

Can you say sprawl? I think that there is no better definition than a project such as this.

At least the Tea Party Hardware Alliance (aka Menard's) built inside the loop on land that was under-valued.

This should be a hard no.

We have vacancies up and down 23rd and Iowa. Infill is what we need - not more sprawl with low-paying jobs for businesses that simply put other businesses out of business and that aren't locally owned.

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Drone legislation takes off in Kansas Senate

I'm all in favor of the elimination of droning on and on and on. I support this bill if it means that Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Mike Huckabee (the three angry white men) will stop invading our airwaves.

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Kansas House gives final approval to bill backing out of Obamacare

"while retaining federal dollars"....yes, that's some real courage.

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Editorial: Double standard?

This may be the most childish editorial ever published by an American newspaper. It literally reads like 2nd grade logic. The LJW will spend its last few breaths making itself look more and more ridiculous.

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Letter: Energy attack

Julius, I'd join you if I knew where he worked. One of the downsides of the "religious right to refuse service" being defeated is that, if the law had been instituted, at least then I would have known who to boycott.

As it stands, they just hide in the bushes.

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