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County will pursue bill allowing it to hold sales tax referendum

No more sales taxes. Require these projects to be paid through property-taxes or income taxes (if legal). Working people in Lawrence need a minimum wage increase, not a new tax on their hard-earned dollars.

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With looming cash crisis, GOP leaders see need to fix Kansas budget quickly

Was in a meeting the other day with a lady who gets precisely 32 hours a week, no benefits and no holidays. She supports this concept: give the money to the job creators!

The problem is us, folks. We walked away from Barack and R. Reich and did not educate people on the real issues. Time to stop blaming others. We own it.

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With looming cash crisis, GOP leaders see need to fix Kansas budget quickly

Unfortunately, it's not Brownbackward's's ours. We elected him/them and these ideas.

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With looming cash crisis, GOP leaders see need to fix Kansas budget quickly

Any hophead could have come up with a better plan than this.

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Wicked Broadband pulls request for $300,000 loan guarantee

Can someone please explain Jeremy Farmer to me? After all this, that's where you want to hitch your wagon? Goodness sakes.

There is a silver lining in this drama about nothing: the concept of high-speed service and the city's technological capacity have been brought to the attention of the community as a whole. We can either get in front of this, and reap some benefits, or follow as everyone else does it.

I would imagine that there are peer communities out there who have already done this or are doing it. Let's partner up with some communities, find a good way to test it and keep moving forward.

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Crews demolish buildings on the site of Berkeley Flats apartments, in the 1100 block of Mississippi

Show us where someone said an apartment community was going to generate jobs.

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Editorial: Pressure tactics

What rush? This has been going on for months. At least try to be a little bit credible with your posts.

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Plans filed for redevelopment at Alvamar golf and country club; details released on 2015 Kansas Craft Brewers Expo in downtown

If you are going to dump this stuff, then say where it came from or please cease and desist. Irresponsible rumor-mongering makes you worse than those you seek to sully.

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Sin tax increases could hurt wallets, but unlikely to curb vices, Lawrencians say

Almost all consumption taxes hurt low-income people more than others. Brownbackwards gets a double-shot out of this approach: he gets to pass more judgement on the morally inferior and he gets to take another swipe at the poor. This guy is all in when it comes to passing judgement.

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Commissioners concerned that Wicked Broadband is trying to manipulate process ahead of key vote

Agree with Richard. I believe that Lawrence would be well-served to develop it's own broadband infrastructure. We should own it and operate it, just like our streets, parks and services.

As far as Wicked is concerned, I've never seen a more bumbled attempt at a private/public partnership in my life. This thing is DOA so it's time to start moving on as a community and get our own service establishes ASAP.

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