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Nonprofit group begins fundraising for event center on Clinton Lake

Sounds like a great idea. I love people with ideas.

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New Lawrence mayor confident commission ready to tackle issues, rebuild trust

I prefer the Library and the Rec Center over a new police facility. Both have heavy usage rates and have pretty much done exactly what they were designed to do. Not sure why people get angry about success, but some people just decide to be angry all the time, no matter what.

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Agriculture Hall of Fame to reopen with new hopes

I'll be going this summer.

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Parks and Recreation has long list of projects that could be affected by police headquarters plan; weight room at Rock Chalk to close temporarily

It's hard to imagine a scenario where a town could actually put too much into parks and rec. In terms of return on investment, it's at or near the top of the list.

When you look around and see the usage rates at parks, fields, rec centers, pathways, cuts, etc., what you see is tremendous citizen interaction. Not only would the commission not consider cutting parks and rec, they should strongly consider expanding the investment.

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Lawrence hires KCMO arts leader to serve as director of arts and culture

This sounds like a great hire. I'm impressed withe the resume and am glad to see his optimism for the position.

What makes a great community is people doing great things. Congratulations to the city for having the vision, and congratulations to Porter for taking on the opportunity. It will be fun to see new projects and ideas that can come of this hiring.

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Large apartment project near KU to set up office in downtown; new report shows T ridership grew in 2014

Mega is sort of a relative term, isn't it? Though I agree with you that some innovative architecture would be nice, we all know that it's just not possible in the Land of No.

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Farmer elected to serve as mayor; Boley, Herbert, Soden take seats on City Commission

Schumm hit it right on the head. The previous commission helped put more positive things in motion for the city than any commission I can remember. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

Swapping Riordan and Schumm for the three NO's is the worst trade down in personnel since Tiger Woods swapped Elin Nordegren for Lindsay Vonn. Epically bad decision by Lawrence voters.

While Farmer continues his apology tour, and the rest of the gang embark in Pandering 101, we'll all regret that we forgot that leadership isn't just about listening, it's also about vision and competency - both in short supply now. When I think of the five people comprising our current city commission, I literally begin thinking of people in clown suits, driving tiny cars and honking each other's noses. Well, maybe the next potluck will solve everything. As long as everyone hugs each other at the end of the night, and nothing gets done, then everyone will be happy.

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School district may increase property taxes to offset expected state funding cuts

Why? If abatements are issued where there is a net-plus in total revenues, then why do you want to cut off your nose to spite your face? Do you understand the concept of return on investment? How about long-term planning?

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School district may increase property taxes to offset expected state funding cuts

How, again, does less money make kids smarter?

Simple-minded platitudes may make it easier to live your life, but they don't address real problems. Any idiot, including you, knows that only so much can be cut out of a budget until real, lasting and negative consequences occur.

Have you ever looked at the monthly expense report of a mid-level executive of any corporation that's holding your money? If you want to look at ways of shaving billions of dollars of wasteful spending by people who are holding your money, take a look at corporate expenditures. Then tell me how they are paying too much in taxes.

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