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A potential danger zone for Lawrence's public transit system; restaurant expansion at Sixth and Wakarusa

Which begs the question: After spending millions on a new bus hub, what will the revenue-to-expense ratio be? Will revenues double? Will expenses go down by 20%?

For those who scoff at neighborhood revitalization, density, walkability, bike lanes, pedestrian pathways, etc., please understand the real costs of outmoded transportation modalities. As we sprawl ourselves out further and further, we pay for our mistakes. If James' numbers are correct, we pay - in this instance only - over $4 million a year.

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Golf course, apartment developments under construction in northwest Lawrence; city commissioner gets graphic on Topeka sewage issue

Herbert, now literally, is an idiot. I believe that we could randomly pick any five fifth-graders in this city and have a more mature and able-minded city commission. However, it is good to know that at least one of our commissioners acts like a fifth-grader.

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Commissioner credits his 'poo' jokes for bringing attention to sewage leaks

It's good to know we've elected a new middle-schooler to go with Mayor Foot-In-His-Mouth.

What on earth, people, were you all thinking?

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Kansas received more than 9,800 concealed carry applications in the last fiscal year

9,800 idiot cowards and counting......

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Duo applauded for breaking car window to rescue 2-year-old

Simple. Make them sit in a car on an asphalt parking lot on a hot July day for a couple of hours. Problem solved, one way or the other.

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Talk of new police facility stirs up controversy at study session

I think that, as the official lobbyist for this new building, your opinions would carry more credibility if you self-disclosed before posting. Every time you post, my hand naturally starts going to cover my wallet because it seems like you are less than forthright about your motivations.

The city, the county and anyone else in this area who thinks they need a new facility in the next 5 years need to all come together and discuss a long-term, cooperative building plan. Come to the community with something smart, innovative and cooperative - and you'll probably get the support you need. Continue coming to us with the same old infantile message of "We want a new building!", and you'll probably continue to struggle to get support.

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Letter: Higher wage lessons

Ken's letter sounds a lot like an East Lawrencian talking about gentrification or George Wallace talking about integration: fear-mongering at its worst.

Though Ken's 7-points of doom are conjecture, I'll bite. First, we already know what happens when you don't raise the minimum wage: income inequality at its highest level in 50-plus years, full-time workers augmenting their salaries with government assistance to try and feed their families, and zero upward mobility among the working class.

And, just like in the Obamacare debate, there is one simple fact: we are all paying for record-setting low wages right now. The costs are hidden, but they exist.

1. Tax burdens apply to all different levels of pay. If you employ workers in the U.S.A., then you have tax burdens as the employer.

2. Daycare Facilities: Let's try and scare moms right away, right? Of all the people in the world who should make more money, it's probably daycare workers. It's ironic to me that we take the most precious people in our lives (our children) and ask someone else to watch them - at the absolute lowest pay rate we can legally offer.

3. and 4. See point 2. above. Same argument, just listed under different headings.

5. Small business profitability won't decrease, it will increase, because more people will have more money to spend - counteracting any needed price increases.

6. One of the great outcomes of the minimum-wage movement is to get people off government assistance. Increased wages will reduce demand on government assistance, and tax collections for governments will actually increase.

7. Untrained workers will benefit the most. By raising the minimum-wage, pressure will be put on other industries to compete for workers, wages will trend up, more spending will drive economic growth and more opportunity will be created. The rising tide lifts all boats.

Instead of getting caught-up in minor points of discussion, just ask yourself these questions: 1. Would you rather people work for a living or collect government assistance? 2. If an adult works a full-time job in this country, should he/she still have to collect food stamps to feed a family? 3. Do you think working Americans ought to be able to have a reasonable quality of life?

Let your answers guide your thinking on this subject. Don't let the doom-and-gloomers (who are always wrong) get in the way of doing the right thing for the working-class.

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More details emerge on pending west Lawrence retirement community; city set to tackle bus hub question; major changes to 21st Street possible

A stoplight on Iowa at 21st is all you need to know, to know that this is a bad idea. Not sure? Take a drive down 119th street in Overland Park. Any day, any time of day. They should rename the street Road Rage Avenue. Stoplights on major thoroughfares placed two blocks from one another sort of defeat the purpose of even having a road.

Iowa has more than enough stoplights, we don't need a new transit hub, and this is a waste of both time and money. Life is full of opportunities to make easy decisions, take advantage of them.

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Editorial: Shaping retail

The 2018 property tax law will get repealed because cities all over the state will in serious financial difficulties. They'll need a revenue source, and their local reps will have to vote it in for them.

Getting into some sort of one-upmanship in sales tax collections with Topeka and Kansas City will be a ridiculous waste of time. Empty strip centers will become more and more the norm as online shopping continues to expand. Investing in retail concepts that are already a thing of the past is not a wise approach to planning.

If you want less money to leave town, then fill the gaps in the market. Dick's did this - and it is prospering. We need a large furniture store. We need a Costco. These additions will increase tax revenue, reduce trips to the Legends and raise wages.

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Opinion: So, Donald Trump is number one?

Red as in Red, White and Blue?

Bernie's great. He's a long shot, but at least he believes in his own citizens.

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