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Doug Compton's latest project and the debate over downtown parking; high tech traffic solutions presented to City Hall

Do people who shop at Hy Vee and Wal Mart have to pay? Or is it just the people who have the gall to go downtown at night?

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Kansas governor says he's not drawing clear lines on taxes

As they say, the truth hurts.

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City Commission plans to start nationwide search for city manager

Here's a bit of sad news....your name is not on the list.

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Doug Compton's latest project and the debate over downtown parking; high tech traffic solutions presented to City Hall

I like this plan. It's a good way to test the potential demand for a true urban residential building in downtown.

The lack of designated parking will greatly impact who rents the units, first and foremost. I think that we'll see a self-regulated building that won't really create much of a parking issue just because dedicated parking won't be available. In fact, the parking apocalypse committee will likely waste a great amount of time discussing a problem that won't ever exist.

Using extremely valuable downtown land for parking garages is not a good use of the resource. Encouraging fewer vehicles while also encouraging density in the downtown district could be a great way to continue to build this vital area of the city.

As a bonus, many of the people who live in these apartments will probably do more of their shopping downtown and on the 19th & Mass corner simply because the "car" will be more of an inconvenience than it is a value.

I'll be interested to see this building in place. It might lay the groundwork for more of the same, which could be a very good thing for Lawrence.

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Report: Kansas employment growth lags nation

Unfortunately, we aren't creating new jobs, we aren't creating good jobs, we aren't paying people for the jobs they have, we are eliminating government jobs and we can't balance the budget. Other than that, things are just GOP ggggrrrrrreat!

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Report: Kansas employment growth lags nation

And the most growth? Service jobs, most of which pay minimum wage, meaning that these jobs will not drive economic growth because we refuse to raise the minimum wage.

On the bright side, thirty years from now, when the Republican Party is effectively deceased, the Kansas story will be a prominent part of history as a perfect example why Republican economic and budget policy was, and always has been, a complete sham.

The greatest redistribution of wealth in 80 years is happening right now, right here.

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Kansas House rejects plan to raise sales tax to fix budget

Gosh, Andy, given how incompetent all government agencies are, you wouldn't want to trust them with creating wealth, would you?

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Chamber of commerce wants chance to run convention and visitors bureau; longtime Lawrence security company purchased

I guess they listened to me, before I even spoke. Now, we really can't let them manage the CVB because they clearly are witches.

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Lawrence delegation and the tax debate: on the outside looking in

Tom Sloan deserves no credit as being a moderate Republican.

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