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New numbers out on Lawrence job growth; City Commission to consider $100K in incentives for affordable housing project

All of that negative job growth while other counties were adding jobs. Due primarily because of our unwillingness to aggressively invest in ourselves and a refusal to demand better jobs of current employers.

The best way to get better paying jobs is to make jobs pay better. By increasing the minimum wage in Lawrence to $12/hour, we'll see increased spending, increased tax revenue, a net increase in jobs and healthier/happier families.

We need to quit going hunting and begging for new jobs and start demanding that the one that are here now become livable wage jobs.

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Candidates differ on rental licensing program; discuss views on city management, commission changes

Stunned by the lack of vision of the challengers - especially Soden. Just say no will win the day, and we'll all shocked 5 years from now that Lawrence is being passed by.

Herbert says slow down? My goodness - we are at a snail's pace in growth, opportunity, development and public projects.

To run for city commission without a clear, concise and invigorating vision of Lawrence should be a crime.

Ms. Soden leads the charge in small-think, trying to turn the word "developer" into a 4-letter word. These developers have invested millions in the city. While the phantom full-time jobs that have not been created for 20-straight years have never, actually materialized.

Lawrence needs a shot of vigor, not valium.

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Vehicle crashes into Lawrence library

Are you sure it wasn't Obama's fault? Or gay people?

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Letter: Candidate funds

Why would anyone care who the Board of Realtors endorses?

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Letter: Candidate funds one post you argue against sprawl and argue against urban renewal at the same time. Will you vote for one unicorn, or two?

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Letter: Candidate funds

Name them. Then name the three things they did to verify their competency. This town has been stagnant for almost 20 years, so I suppose you'll name someone from your childhood, like Santa Claus? or a Smurf?

Nostalgia is great, except that it's not. It's just nostalgia. Nothing more.

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Rasmussen responds to concerns about out-of-town donations

What's comical is that you thought the connection was the Olympics, not elected officials.

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Letter: Candidate funds

Worst advice possible. Those three will set this city back two decades.

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Letter: Candidate funds

The primary concern is that your primary donor is acting like a "little Koch". It's trendy now. It's just not what we want for Lawrence.

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Letter: Candidate funds

If only.

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