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Kansas House committee wants Board of Regents to study benefits of privatizing many functions at state universities

Didn't Fort Hays State University try something like this? They leased land on campus to a private company and that company built one of their dorms. And doesn't that company owe something like $150K in back taxes to the city of Hays for the dorm they built?

It would be different if the typical Resident Life Department didn't make money, but it is a money maker for most universities. When most of the staff are college students who get paid with a room (or maybe just a reduction in the room rate) and the rest are PROFESSIONALS with decades of experience, they should make money -- and they do.

But, sure go ahead and privatize everything and enjoy your $30K+ per year tuition at KU and KSU. I'm so certain that everyone will want to pay that and be in classes with 45 to 400 students in them. You do realize that classes in those top 25 universities are tiny because part of what you are paying for is access to professors.

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