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KU meteorology students crazy about the chase

As someone who knows professional meteorologists, I feel I must agree that amateur storm chasing is very dangerous. I know that if I were to go off on my own after a thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado I would be putting my own life in danger.

If you don't know how to be safe and know where the storm is going (amateurs), you should NOT go driving after a storm cell. Professional storm chasers have the training to keep themselves safe.

Really, the programs about storm chasers are just like any reality tv -- scripted and NOT reality. The professionals who do this just do it because they love weather.

Sometimes they will chase a cell that doesn't produce any tornadoes. They live for the chase and the potential of seeing something. They don't do it for fame. They may be chasing a tornado but they are well aware of how dangerous Mother Nature can be.

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