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Downtown shooting causes city commissioner to talk about ... panhandlers; are city leaders ready to tackle gun issues?

Gun signs on a bar door are pretty meaningless. As a concealed carrier, I would never carry in a bar; with or without a sign. There is nothing I could ever do with a firearm while drinking that could be judged legitimate. The only people that would carry into a bar will not be deterred by a sign.

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Lawrence City Commission explains support for $17 million police headquarters

The commission is using a false argument. Either they don't understand what people were complaining about when they voted against the sales tax or they are just blowing smoke up our collective arses.

It is simple, The city overextended itself with vanity projects. Had the city stated that we have three big projects (sports park, library, and police station), but that we can only afford two of them, the police station would have been chosen. Instead, they spent up to their limit and then came back to us and said we need a police station. WE SPENT ALL WE HAD. This has nothing to do with support of the police. NO TAX INCREASE!!! Vote these crooks out!! They are not listening and they are treating us as idiots.

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Kansas would have fewer school districts under new proposal

I am a little familiar with this problem in western Kansas. What is being done is a good thing. Schools are not being eliminated, administration is being reduced. Everyone in western Kansas knows that their districts are too small (and expensive). No one wants their district consolidated; they want the district next to theirs consolidated. This solution is going to save a lot of money.

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Editorial: Rural regs

No smoke screen. They have been operating one kind of business for years......a pumpkin patch. This is the number of spaces needed on a busy Saturday afternoon in October. I'm not even sure that the rules would have allowed a "music venue". There are many noise restrictions that are still in place for Ag tourism. Anyway, moot point. Looks like Douglas county has already lost this business.

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Editorial: Rural regs

In the mean time, a business owner who read and followed the rules, purchased land in Douglas county, and was denied permission to use it. A successful business that wanted to move to Douglas county was not allowed to do so. Douglas county has now lost another business to another neighboring county.

Good job on a friendly business atmosphere!

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Ellen Paulsen: This review concerns their park. July 22, 2012, I...

At Drop Zone Paintball, we take customer service very seriously. We emphasize top level customer service to all of our employees. We apologize to this customer again here, as we all did when she called in to discuss this situation. We were upset as well. We want all of our customers to feel that reserving on our website or over the phone is super easy and completely dependable and have a great time at our facility. It especially saddened us that this affected a children's birthday party. Groupons were only valid during normal weekend play sessions, for normal recreation play, which it stated on the Groupon offer. We had no record of any reservation made by this customer; on a weekday or any other day. This is the only problem like this we have any memory of in the over 20 years of our business. This was the only issue we had with any of the hundreds of Groupons we have offered. Our Park Manager personally spoke to this person and her daughter, apologized profusely and offered a free party with everything included at the time of this problem. We are hoping to be able to make up this situation to their family and most of all her grandson.

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