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Legislature considering delays in renewable energy standards

Adding wind power due to Kansas' renewable energy standard has resulted in many tangible benefits for the state. Most notably, job growth, economic development, and tax base.

In 2011, up to 3,000 Kansas jobs were supported by the wind industry, and local landowners benefited from $3.8 million in land lease payments. Also, $3.4 million in tax base was added to rural communities. That tax base is critical in supporting local infrastructure projects such as road, schools, and emergency services.

Studies from across the country have shown that added wind power can be beneficial to the consumer by lowering costs. In fact, a May 2012 report from Synapse Energy Economics which found that adding more wind power in the Midwest could save the average homeowner $63 to $200 a year.

Renewable energy standards have helped drive the installation of wind power, and it makes little sense to roll them back at a time when they are contributing to growing local economies.

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