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Security company keeping busy with rise in burglaries

I doubt Jayhawk Pawn can complain either...

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Town Talk: Newest multi-story building plan proposes roundabout for Ninth and New Hampshire; city urging residents to get trash cart requests in before Monday; weekly land transfers

Couldn't agree more. How many buses pick up at the bus stops on either side of the intersection?

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Train derailment reported east of downtown Lawrence

It's tough to call it "northeast" when it's south of the river. But then again, I don't think north Lawrence is wide enough to have an "east" and "west" part. "East Lawrence" is certainly more accurate than "downtown"... but it's west of Haskell... OH GOD WHAT ARE WE GONNA CALL IT

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Granny Get Yer Gun!

Defend ourselves against armed robbers? That's exactly what they'll expect us to do!

Whether they fire the first shot or not, I'd still rather be armed myself.

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Sound Off: There are two cabins at Clinton Lake State Park. Can they be rented?

There'll be more than two cabins before long. It's hard to tell how many they're building back there, maybe another three or four?

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In Plain Sight 5/13/2012 (Solved)

I think Cody got it. That's definitely Fuzzy's.

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Bill seeks to allow smoking in Kansas bars

" I quit 9-10 years ago and STILL have strong urges to smoke."
"I wouldn't be opposed to banning smoking all together."

So since you don't smoke anymore nobody should be allowed to? Seems fair...

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Bill seeks to allow smoking in Kansas bars

"I agree bar owners should be able to choose the rules of their own bar."
"The fact that our legislator would spend one second of time on this is the worst part."

So to clarify, you agree that the smoking ban was a mistake?

"If any bar owner is stupid enough to allow smoking in there private business they'll see their profit margins decline."

I have to disagree with you there. Plenty of smokers go to bars, some more probably stay home since smoking isn't allowed. Certain bars would become known as smoking bars and lose some non-smokers but also gain some smoking customers. Eventually we'd reach an equilibrium and I'm not sure what the ratio of smoking to non-smoking bars would be, but there's certainly a market for both.

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Do you think security cameras in public places invade your privacy?

The idea of security cameras in select few public places, particularly in areas prone to crime, doesn't bother me so much. It's the precedent set by London that concerns me.

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Enthusiastic crowd turns out for Paul rally ahead of today’s GOP caucuses

I'm not Liberty_One but I'll give it a shot.

1. There would be no "Libertarian response" but rather a response by the general population of consumers. No one would buy a food product containing a dangerous carcinogen and the company would have to adjust their recipe or go out of business. Of course someone would need to alert people of the dangerous food, and that provides a (desperately needed) opportunity to escape unemployment.w

If people were unaware of the carcinogenic ingredients, that's the fault of the manufacturer and the matter would likely be taken to court (this is where the government comes into play) in the form of a class action lawsuit.

2. Citizen group #1 would need to buy the property from group #2 or come up with an alternative solution (such as rerouting the highway). Should they try to forcefully take the land, the courts would step in to enforce property rights.

3. The IRS is only necessary due to the complexity of the tax code. Ron Paul (and non-anarchist libertarians) don't advocate ending taxes entirely, since government IS NECESSARY to enforce rights and provide national defense, but rather abolishing the maze of loopholes and exceptions that is the IRS. Note that the complexity of the tax code is what allows corporations and wealthy individuals to get away with paying virtually nothing in taxes. The answer isn't to raise taxes on anybody, but to determine their fair share (I'm a big fan of a flat tax) and here's the important part-- MAKE SURE THEY ACTUALLY PAY IT.

Raising taxes on the wealthy is the one solution to our national spending and debt that I commonly hear. Regardless of whether or not you think this is fair, it's also important to look at whether it's effective. I know this is counter-intuitive but Britain recently imposed a dramatic increase in taxes on the wealthy, hoping to bring up revenue by hundreds of millions, but they actually ended up LOSING $800 million in revenue from the year before, due to the wealthy modifying their spending/saving/investing habits. Something to keep in mind...

I'm glad to answer questions about libertarian ideas. I know some of it seems counter-intuitive and risky, since the government is supposed to be there to protect us, but I think it's extremely important to look critically at what the government has accomplished AND what it's cost us. Undeniably over our history we've done some great things through government, but the sad fact is our spending habits are not sustainable over time, and we're starting to see the consequences of that. Ron Paul is the ONLY anti-war candidate, the only candidate who would oppose the NDAA and the Patriot Act, the only candidate willing to even TALK about ending the war on drugs... I know he has some "different" ideas, but that people say he's the crazy one just blows my mind.

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