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Roberts, Moran vote against expanded background checks in gun sales

I'm sure they're devastated.

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Bill would allow open carry of firearms in the Kansas Statehouse, according to a Lawrence legislator; measures now go to Senate

Your question reveals your misunderstanding of the law. The right question is "do you really think anything short of a metal detector will stop a criminal from bringing a gun into a school?"

Hey, here's an idea for a compromise. How about we keep the signs but change them to say "no shooting people". That way the gun people can still carry their guns for their peace of mind but no one can go on a shooting rampage. Everybody wins!

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February a record-breaking month for concealed-carry permits in Kansas

I'm impressed that you fit so many assumptions into such a short post.

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Does having more people with concealed carry gun permits make you feel safer

The only people who carry a gun without a round in the chamber are fools, antique collectors whose guns lack modern safety features, and those who know they'll never have to use it. If any of these apply to you, please don't carry a gun.

Cops always carry with a round in the chamber for a reason (they have reason to believe they might actually have to use it). Many carry guns that don't even have manual safeties for the same reason. It's not a design flaw, it's a feature.

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Does having more people with concealed carry gun permits make you feel safer

I take precautions against tripping and hitting my head, too. I wear my boots when it's slippery outside, I don't run around on hardwood floors wearing only socks, and, most importantly, I watch my step. When I carry a gun I keep it properly secured in a quality holster that covers the trigger entirely. I'm the type guy who likes to be prepared, and to ensure my own safety is my right. Of course, we always trust ourselves, it's the other guy we try to control.

We've all had our own life experiences, you may have never had to face extreme violence; admittedly neither have I, and I rarely feel the need to carry a gun so I usually don't. We're the lucky ones though. Many aren't so lucky, and to take away what may be their only means of self defense, their *rights*, and their feeling of security, just so you can have a little peace of mind... I dunno, that just seems wrong to me.

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Does having more people with concealed carry gun permits make you feel safer

"Lack of concealed carry law causes crime" overstates the connection and seems to me like an odd way to think of it. I would say that Chicago's *ban* on concealed carry *exacerbates* the problem of violent crime. There's certainly more important factors at play. Most notably, I would think, is the War on Drugs, that does nothing but empower violent gangs. Thanks again for keeping us safe, government!

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Two juveniles taken into custody following Saturday incident at Dollar Tree

Considering their age and the fact that no weapon was displayed, I doubt it. Can you imagine the legal troubles that could bring? Even if you could convince a jury that you were truly afraid for your life, the lawyer fees, negative attention, and guilt that would come along with shooting children could be life ruining.

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Teen pleads no contest to two August burglaries, sex crimes dropped

Obviously their bed was in the kitchen. Otherwise how would he get the guy to stay there while he went to fetch a pot?

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Do you think Lawrence is a safe town for cyclists?

I don't think it's particularly safe OR unsafe. Of course it depends on location, but the biggest factor is the cyclist. You need to know where it's safe to ride on the street, where there's stretches of wide, quality sidewalk, and when you need to find an alternate route. Visibility is important too, I wear blinking lights on my front and back when I'm riding in low light conditions, but even still I ride like I'm invisible to cars. Finally, you need to know your bike, most importantly the brakes, and most most importantly the front brake. Practice emergency stops until you've programmed into muscle memory exactly how hard you can pull the brakes before the tires start to skid. The front brake can be scary for hard stops but the rear brake alone really isn't sufficient for emergencies, if you're lucky you'll lock it up and low-side before you run into something.

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Complete live election coverage online

Fix that link, the period shouldn't be part of it.

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