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Libraries are limited, obsolete

While it is true that a great deal of information can be had off of the internet, the truth is that the average book has a lot more information than the average internet article. Also, the trend is to make any copyrighted materials available only at retail price, and with Digital Rights Management technology to prevent copying, if they are provided at all. Libraries provide such materials without charge. Also, libraries make wonderful historical references. Try finding any information on the history of your community on the internet, and you will be disappointed. Any good library will have a wealth of community history references. And while current events knowledge could potentially be best gleaned from the internet, there are a great many subjects that are served far better by print media. Do-it-yourself books for those who don't like spending all their time in front of a computer, copyrighted materials that the authors don't want posted on the internet, there remain many cases in which libraries are important.

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