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Teachers request $1,500 raises during negotiations with Lawrence school district administrators

Isn't it just like a union to demand a $1500 raise for *everyone* regardless of whether or not they have earned it? How about a $3000 raise for the top 20% of teachers? How about a $5000 raise for the top 5%? I am sure the union would just LOVE to have teachers compensated based on their performance...

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Former KU athletics fundraiser Rodney Jones sentenced to 46 months in federal prison

Sad to see a kid have to grow up while his father is in prison, but Rodney got off pretty light, all things considered, particularly if there is room at a minimum security joint.

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Some Lawrence school employees don't get paid for snow days

Why would they get paid extra? Aren't they getting days off now?

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An afternoon's hard work gets tree stump out

50 feet of chain and a truck should do the trick. If that won't work, a dollar's worth of gasoline will.

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Let the Government Do It

Perhaps if the government were required to turn a profit, we would have better oversight of the people in charge of various programs. This "profit" could of course be returned to the American people in other ways.

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Teachers must embrace reform efforts

This is probably the first time I have ever agreed with Pitts.

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Possible legal hurdle remains for homeless shelter

Seriously? Is that picture from someone's professional office? A stoner style picture of Obama and a rainbow/peace sign? It looks like the inside of a Spencer's store.

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No-fly list infringes on basic American freedoms

Now we are entitled to freedom of commercial air travel?

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Yellow House owner ruled incompetent

This should go well.

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Big 12 not dead yet

Nice picture. Whose camera phone did they use for that?

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