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Traveler's Starbucks quest leads him to Lawrence

I am guessing this guy is a blast to hang out with.

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Police respond to multiple incidents overnight, numerous arrests made

If you cooperate with police and do what they say, your chances of being tased are effectively zero.

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Lawrence High graduate meets Obama at Ohio campaign stop

Is this the first time anyone from Lawrence has met the President? Gee willikers! This is right up there with that time Roscoe Longbottom went to the World's Fair and brought back a postcard for the town!

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County forming panel to study towing prices

Even OP and Lenexa have their own issues. There might be a flat fee for the towing, but many of the towing companies there have a policy of charging "after hours service" to pick up your vehicle on a Saturday, which is clearly a very busy day with full office staff.

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Casino message

Like the "smart citizens" who misspell the word "genius" in both of their posts making comments about the intelligence of others? I'll bet you grow some beautiful plants in that glass house.

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Kansas officials outraged, saddened by announced Boeing departure

A tuschkahouma post that uses the word "dumblican" and mentions Mississippi? No way!

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Knology to no longer provide 2 Topeka stations

Did you miss the part where the ABC and NBC affiliates used to provide the content for free and were now trying to charge for it? Knology doesn't save any money on this, so why should your bill go down?

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New $1.5M boarding platform unveiled at Santa Fe Depot

Yeah, looks like this one was on the taxpayers.

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New $1.5M boarding platform unveiled at Santa Fe Depot

I would like to see more pictures to get an idea of what was done. On the surface, $1.5M for a "platform" seems wildly excessive.

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The DH and Interleague Play

You have to admit it's entertaining to see some goof running the bases in July while wearing a jacket.

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