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Innocent Until Proven Guilty: An American Myth

he just left out a couple punctuation marks. and a word I guess.

Where have all you "get the government out of my business" people been during...

see now it makes perfect sense.

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Need a Thanksgiving turkey? Win one from LJWorld.com by telling us why you're thankful

I'm thankful to be, and everything that entails

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Best of Lawrence is back and we want your help

there should be a distinction between best beer selection, and best beer.

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Best of Lawrence is back and we want your help

Best cheap Mexican food- NONE in Town.

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Do you smoke?

I quit in the third grade.

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What was your favorite book to read as a child?

I have a vague memory of that story, but don't know the name.

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Do you get stressed out during the holidays?

which holidays?

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November 1st is National Author's Day - Who is your favorite author?

My father, Max Yoho, of course! He writes very humorous fiction. His newest book,"With the Wisdom of Owls" is recently released. Look for him at book signings all around the local area. He is a local, multi-award winning Kansas author! I'd recommend his first book, "The Revival" if you like to laugh, and read about small town Kansas in the '40s.

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Website tracks street value of marijuana

don't be a hater, just 'cause grammaddy has the hook up!

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