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Drug charges filed against Lawrence day care owner

Well dont try to put someone elses irresponsabilties of letting a child get to drugs and ingest them ON THIS CASE. Wow! And yes LPD will take this seriously as in any case. And why do you say she does drugs? Is that in your facts too? What facts do you have to support what your saying? Oh! There was a small amount of drugs found in the home? You need help!! !And furthermore...she isnt a friend... She was my childcare provider and thats it! Not to say i wouldnt be her friend.But It was strictly a child care business relationship. So dont go there with that taking up for my friend crap. This crap has gone too damn far! What would be said if the daycare was ran outside of her home? That she was transporting drugs to the daycare? Come on!!! She never endangered those kids by no means! POINT, BLANK, PERIOD!

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Drug charges filed against Lawrence day care owner

And you are just as messed up as the crack heads! Business wasnt even open dummy... And where are your facts that children were being endangered? The drug charge is one thing. But dont throw in the daycare just because she ran it out of her home. If she had operated her business somewhere else then it wouldnt of made the news. IGNORANCE! So you see it how you want to. We all have our own opinions,thats what makes us individuals. What do you do in your personal time? Get on your knees and pray or read the bible all day?Im sure your life isnt squeaky clean... You just havnt been found out. Again.... Let the courts and her attorneys handle things. They will have to prove every bit of what your saying. Keep your negative judgement to yourself! Get a life!

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Drug charges filed against Lawrence day care owner

Im supporting Ms Hubbard all the way! She is a very good person and would NEVER put any child in danger. What she does in her personal time is her business. I will not believe she was this drug lord LPD and the media has blown this up to be. This is a story that has been taken way too far and has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with her operating a daycare. Thats just what made it a lead story! If she hadnt operated a daycare out her home. It never would have made the news and we never would have heard about it. Some certainly wouldnt be on here making rude and false statements. I cant be upset with the reporter. He has to make up a good story... Gotta pay the bills somehow. Thats just what news is... A STORY. And it better be good so that we will listen. And some are more ignorant than others to feed into it without the TRUE facts! On standby.....

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Drug charges filed against Lawrence day care owner

I dont know why they allow people to get on here and post DUMB comments like this! I happen to be one of those parents. And ive had enough of the media, LPD and people in the community assuming and sabotaging this womens name and her character. I am very offended that you would say that about her clientele. I dont use drugs and she was never under the influence of drug use. Some of her clientele were doctors and nurses. Very upstanding people .If all this was going on she would have been reported to the health department a long time ago And that would be in the records. The LPD has said that she had been investagted for 2 years which is a false statement. They said that her daycare had received a complaint in March of 2010 but they had no information on it .Hmmm... I wonder why? They seem to keep coming up with all this other info. Thats because there never was any complaint. The health department takes ANY complaint very serious. And they would have a record of this if it had actually been any truth to it. In March of 2010 this women was in a house fire and almost died. She suffered severe burns and was in and out the hospital ALL that year. Infact she was still going to therapy the following year.So what was being investagated? I will support her throughout all of this because i know from FACTS that shes not what people like you, LPD or the media for that matter has tried to make her out to be. THE MEDIA "GETS PAID" TO MAKE A STORY. And we are talking about Lawrence Kansas. This would have been swept under the rug anywhere else. AGAIN... HER OPERATING A DAYCARE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. Thats just part of what made it a lead story for a rookie reporter still wearing diapers and a hard up cop that keeps popping up in everything that has to do with this case that obviously has a personal issue with this women! SHAME ON YOU!!!!

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Drug charges filed against Lawrence day care owner

Wow! The nerve of some people. She was a very good and responsable provider. My children attended there and it saddens me that LPD and the media has turned this into a circus show. This has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with this women operating a daycare. Im sure this will come out in court. And your so right! They have made her look like a drug kingpin when it wasnt at all that serious. She ran a daycare but did not at all put those kids in any danger. She had an open door polocy and ALWAYS welcomed parents in her home at any time.

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Drug charges filed against Lawrence day care owner

So you are ASSUMING this women uses drugs because of what happened? You people are hillarious! Do you even actually know the facts? I know this women and she would never put ANY child in danger. NEVER! Had she not operated a daycare out of her home this never would have made the news. This whole case has been blown up and she has been made to look like a horrible person. She cared for many children for many years providing QUALITY CARE. In fact she cared for mine for many years. And i would take them back in a heart beat! Im sure she got surprise visits and passed all of them with flying colors. What she does on her own personal time is her business. LPD has put out false info pertaining to her operating a daycare and putting the children in danger and people of ignorance that dont even know her or the facts are feeding off of the media. Since you are a daycare owner... Maybe if they dig a little deeper when doing your home inspection they would find something you didnt want them to know. Hmmm??? Your right! It does take all kinds.You not knowing one thing about her or how she ran her business but making rude comments is a disgrace!

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Drug charges filed against Lawrence day care owner

First of all i know this women. And what does a house fire have to do with whats going on? Secondly... She had one house fire and she was NOT responsable for that. She was severely burned and that should not be talked about in this matter. Please get your facts straight before you try to bash her character. And given what evidence? This women is a very good person. Could she have made better decisions? Maybe! But you making statements about something that has ABOSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with this is insane. You really dont know the facts of this case. NO ONE DOES.Everyone is making false accusations and really know nothing about this women. So let the courts and her attorneys handle that and stop assuming. And this also has nothing to do with her selling drugs/dealing while operating her daycare. This is something that the LPD put out about this women to again bash her character. If she never would have operated a daycare OUT OF HER HOME. THIS WOULD HAVE NEVER MADE THE NEWS! This just goes to show the IGNORANCE of some people. Again... get your facts straight and let the courts and her attorneys handle this.

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