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Silly salaries

Educated does not mean intelligent.

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City approves 2012 budget with four new police officers, 1.88 mill levy increase

The City Commissioners, a sorry lot, have no hesitation about voting themselves a raise, and apparently seem to think budgeting four new police officers will make things all better. NOT! I suggest the police force already in place work their shifts instead of (as I see frequently) parking under the trees in the shade at the north end of the Continuing Ed. building parking lot on St. Andrews Drive near Bob Billings Parkway. Occasionally, two police cars are parked in opposite directions so the police can chat while inside their vehicles. Why do our tax dollars pay for naps, coffee and doughnuts!

And does Bob Schumm really think his proposal to reduce the mill levy would make a significant difference in the budget? This guy should never have been elected, and now we are stuck with him -- even as our next Mayor. Good God! When will voters vote for the person, not the political party.

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Moral compass

These ridiculous comments sound like an extension of the pathetic Tea Party politics used so disgustingly in extending our national debt limit. Not EVERYTHING is about politics!
Show some compassion, and get on the backs of the Athletic Department for their immoral salaries.

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Task force redux

Even though Mr. Simons' editorial "named no names," it is obvious that one of the men on the new, useless, redundant committee is Bob Schumm. He has been in office a scant two months, and yet it is apparent that Schumm is all out for Schumm. He will fight off any threat to his restaurant and bar business, including roads to and from his businesses. He cares nothing for the City of Lawrence. he cares only about himself.
While they are "investigating," it would be interesting to investigate the paving of St. Andrews Drive -- at least as that paving includes his home. It was not, as I recall, publically noted on any published work schedule for the City.
His "winning the election" is questionable, unless campaigning on election day was approved just for him.
This man is a self-serving and dangerous addition to the City Commission, and will be an even bigger threat when he slides into the Mayor's chair. Liet's get rid of him NOW.

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City status quo

GREAT letter, Mr. Lippincott. You hit the nail on the head about our insipid, ineffective City Commission. Promises, promises!!! And now, Bob Schumm is all about not letting Olive Garden open a restaurant here because, no doubt, he fears he would lose customers from his own restaurant--wherever that may be other than "downtown." Aren't these "commissioners" supposed to work for the good of Lawrence and its residents? Keep track: whenever there is an open meeting about a topic, the Commission is more often than not going to vote the opposite of what concerned residents of these open meetings ask for. And now with Sam BrownNose well into his roll as Dictator of Kansas, we are sliding downhill. Fast. Just because HE thinks culture grows in a petri dish, he refuses to fund the Arts. Bah humbug! No wonder we're losing people. If it isn't politics it's being tazed to death.

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How often would you eat at Olive Garden if they opened one in Lawrence?

Bob Schumm says he is all for improving attendance and attracting new businesses downtown, no doubt hoping to capture more customers at his restaurant -- whatever the name and location of that is. Yet, he does not want Olive Garden to open a restaurant in Lawrence. From the results of LJ-W poll, he must have been campaigning AGAINST an Olive Garden Restaurant just as he was campaigning FOR his own election to the Ciry Commission as late as 5:00 p.m. in AT LEAST ONE polling place in Lawrence. My personal survey shows an overwhelming preference for not only Olive Garden but Red Lobster to open restaurants here. And these people would as soon these new restaurants be south of 23rd on Iowa. They have no desire to compete with limited or no parking and drunk college kids who dominate downtown.
I thought our City Commissioners were supposed to vote in favor of what is best (in their opinion) for Lawrence, and not to push for their individual agendas.

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Praise for teachers

True. Perhaps she thinks a lack of morality is a separate, and serious, topic.

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Praise for teachers

Interesting comments -- many proving the point that, as Ms. Paris states, the authors were obviously not taught writing skills. And Mr Burger mentions four teachers from his sixteen years of "education" that he remembers. That leaves a clear majority of teachers that, one would assume, did NOT leave a memorable impression.
In this economic crisis, raising teacher salaries "just because" makes no sense. Let parents drop in unexpectedly to any classroom at any time and observe personally what goes on in the name of teaching AND learning. They may be enlightened. Negatively.

April 20, 2011 at 10:10 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Earn the raises

Interesting comments -- most all of them verifying my concern about the students who are being shortchanged because of a lack of teaching skills. Uninvolved parents are also to blame. Want proof of what the J. School is turning out? Just read the Journal-World. SpellCheck doesn't catch ALL errors.

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