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Perkins calls meeting with KU football, basketball players; statement issued

SoonerJayhawk - Interesting how Sooner comes before Jayhawk in that name. I have a sneaking suspicion that you are trying to help OU gain an edge over the Hawks with comments like ... "If these athletes do not care enough to apologize to students, faculty, and alumni, why don't we protest them? Why don't we boycott going to their games and supporting them? They obviously do not care about their “fans” so why should we care about these neanderthals?"

hmmmm are you REALLY a student at KU or an Okie Spy?

The statement was canned but but Lew, Mangino and Self (well maybe a little more than the others) aren't gonna put up with this crap.. I would be surprised to see Briscoe on the field this weekend.

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