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Teller's restaurant to change name and concept to Merchants Pub & Plate

That's great to hear, Lawrence is really lacking in vegan options! Best of luck with the change over, Teller's definitely needed a larger step than just a new menu this time.

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Kobach predicts first statewide test of photo ID to vote will be a success

I predict that the Journal World will write 100 other pointless articles about this arrogant racist jerk

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Kansas claims epic win in Border War finale

I loved S.E.C....O.N.D.

Congrats Jayhawks, unbelivable win!

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Bill Self comments on signees Ben McLemore, Braeden Anderson

annnnnd...He still continues to rebuild and win consistently. With what this team of coaches has been able to do to build the program and win the conference 7 times in a row, I tend care more about their opinion of the recruits we are landing than the latest rankings from rivals or whoever else....

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Lack of composure in chippy game vs. Cal shows KU basketball team's immaturity

Ponytail (#2) and Deebo (#10) were both working to get under the Jayhawks skin all night. That said, its an away game and dealing with chippy smack talk is part of playing road game. Although I think the refs were awful and called a one sided game, I also think Marcus deserved to get ejected. He was looking right at Kamp when he threw his elbow up and knew what he was doing. Brady let chatter get to him and deserved his technical as well, he needs to see the bench more. If there is one thing to take out of this its that we have a real lack of leadership on this team as we get ready to enter conference play. Marcus and Brady are suppose to be leaders, if they cant manage that role then hopefully Reed can be the voice of action on this team and someone else will step up. If not, we will have a lot of trouble on the road in the Big 12 in much more difficult environments than Berkley... Baylor, Missouri, Manhattan..

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Heard on the Hill: Fans grumble about 'Woo' in Rock Chalk Chant; law dean search loses one candidate; KU alumnus becomes president of National Press Club

its OK to "whooooo" after the chant following the singing of "Crimson & Blue" before the game..Its NOT OK to "whoooo" after the chant at the end of the game, it screws up the flow. It does matter, c'mon people where's you passion?

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Kansas Sampler in downtown Lawrence has been charging extra 1 percent in sales tax on purchases

Kansas Sampler - As if that store isn't overpriced enough!!! Its obvious that they knew they were over-charging. A store grossing what they likely gross has to send in monthly sales tax reports that already have the tax rate on them. They should be fined for this and the revenue from the fine should go to charity, NOT the state which can't seem to run its own business.

Kansas Dept. of Rev. - Good job diverting the attention from the real issue of these guys stealing from the people of Lawrence by trying to shovel the money into your greedy coffers as quickly as you hear about it. Why not say something like, we will check their reports from earlier in the year (October & before) and see if they reported the tax collected at 8.85% or 9.85%? That way you could actually hold their feet to the fire. Then you would look like the good guy and they would be seen for what they are, thieves. After that you could do what is in your nature and not only take the extra 1% but fine Kansas Sampler and continue to waste all of that money along with all other tax payer money. FAIL!

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Miserable ending

I gotta agree with Wolfy on the play calling on that last possession. It just didn't make any sense. We didn't use any clock and then they knew we had to pass on third down. That turned into a safety, followed by a strange short kickoff and us using our second time out for no reason so we had zero chance of getting the ball back with a stop. I'm let down because could/should've won the game but that has nothing to do in my mind with ditching Mangino. If we get rid of him because of how intense and in your face he is with the players or because he hurt some feelings then we have zero chance at continuing to build the football program. All of those KU haters will be right when they say KU is ONLY a Basketball school. No decent career-minded coach will come in here to continue to build the program and do a good job if they think they have to watch out for what the players mommy and daddies think of how they are talking to JR. Oh we'll land someone because we have the money and are building a profile but whoever it is will spend all of their time managing relationships and massaging balls so they can keep their job without ruffling feathers. KEEP MANGINO!!! He built it, let him take it to the next level. We will all be better off for it.

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Perkins calls meeting with KU football, basketball players; statement issued

I am merely suggesting that a screen name such as SoonerJayhawk implies that Sooner is first in your mind and Jayhawk is second.

And yes I seriously do think you are a spy. I mean all spies spend hours online replying to posts and making off base suggestions about sports teams that they obviously know/care little about between hoarding their Candy Bars, Carebears and My Little Ponies collections. How do you think Putin got started...?

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Vermont Street BBQ closing in four days

Wow - Whoever Marion is, this person is delusional. It will be recalled? Your words will be recalled by whom? Oh Marionostradamus, please tell me the future of other local lawrence businesses.. What is to come of Rudy's by the slice? Or Freestate beer? Will Tellers be the next to go? I must know, pleeeeeeeeease I beg you mighty farsighted one! The truth is that last thing Lawrence needed when VSTBBQ went into the ole Paradise (Ruby Trout/Breakfast Enchiladas - YUM) space was another crappy whole in the wall bar with "some snacks", if you recall someone tried that for a bit in that space after Paradise went down.

Vermont St. is awesome and I will be eating there tomorrow and the next day, while praying that no one is tampering with the food over losing their job.

PS.. KSChick1 - Either you have no taste buds or you are related to Bob Scum, EVERY BBQ lover in Lawrence appreciates Vermont St. Looks like a trip to KC for decent BBQ now, Buffalo Bobs is a joke and a remodel isn't gonna help the food.

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