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Corn not quite ready for harvest

First of all, those "able-bodied welfare recipients" put in a 40 hour week by Tuesday, then put in at least another 40 by Saturday in order to not only put food on their tables, but also put food on yours. Forget 9-5 with weekends off. So, tell me again how these subsidies are so-called welfare checks? These people are the pillars of their communities and fighting like hell in order to keep the smaller communities on the map.
I do agree that in a lot of industries the government subsidies are not needed, oil and gas for instance. In the case of the farm industry, the need for these subsidies is directly related to the amount of income the "free market" allows these farmers to collect to support themselves and their families. Without the subsidies these people EARN from the government, the families that built this great nation with the strength of their backs and the sweat of their brow would go by the wayside. Put your blame where blame is due, but I assure you these people aren't taking advantage of anything.

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