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Depot ‘worth saving,’ visitor says

jhokfan (Anonymous) says…
"Why all of a sudden are conservatives so concerned about spending?"

They only like to spend money when it involves killing people.

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President Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

Now that Obama has a Nobel Peace Prize he legally has the power to confiscate all firearms in private possession in America. The Great Obama Gun Grab begins on Monday!

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Aldrich, Collins honored together

Just make sure that you're not alone in an elevator with Sherron!

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‘Whatever’ tops most annoying word poll

said Michael Adams, author of “Slang: The People’s Poetry” and an associate professor of English at Indiana University. “It’s a word that — and it depends how a speaker uses it — can suggest dismissiveness.”

It's a pretty powerful word in that way. It can become code for F-you.

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Unfair reviews

Anybody can start their own blog here, right? Naomi should start a teen movie review blog. I'd read it, and I'm sure that a lot of other people would too. But if the Hannah Montana movie is anything like her television show, I fault the LJWorld for giving it two and a half stars. She is a horrible, horrible actress.

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Elizabeth Smart says she was raped daily

"Smart testified early because she is going on a religious mission for the Mormon church in Paris."

That's weird. Trying to convert Parisians to mormonism?

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Islam infiltrating, deceiving U.S.

All religions are a threat to America, and especially to world peace. Earth will be a better place once everyone stops believing in silly superstitions.

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Two LHS students disciplined after hoax

"Multiple Lawrence police officers responded to the school when the parent called 911."

If they were really in trouble, wouldn't they have called 911 themselves instead of sending a text message to a parent who may or may not have their phone on? I think that the parent who got fooled should and his/her son should foot the 911 bill. It's as much the parents' fault for being dumb as it is the students' fault for being stupid.

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Poor memory

Even though I should be used to it by now, I'm still constantly amazed at the selective amnesia displayed by 99% of all republicans. You've forgotten that george w. bush was called a liar because he WAS constantly lying to the American people. You also forget that both of his elections were highly contested and the results were extremely questionable. You forget that he trampled our Constitution and allowed our country to do things that only "Evil" governments do. You forget all these things and more, yet you make up the silliest lies to attack Obama and the democrats.

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College veterans await checks still pending from new GI Bill

toe (Anonymous) says…
"Imagine waiting for approval for your operation under government health care."

Why is it that republicans have complete and total faith in everything that the military says and does, but they don't trust any other government entity?

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