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Poll out this morning takes temperature of Kansans

"the survey of more than 2,000 Kansans taken by telephone from April 28 to Sept. 8"

This poll is worthless because if its small sample size and the fact that they only contacted people by phone during the summer. Most people don't bother answering the phone when they don't recognize the number and most people don't bother answering surveys if they do answer the phone. The majority of the respondents for this poll were probably lonely old people who were just happy to talk to someone on the phone.

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Man arrested on aggravated assault charges

supernik (Anonymous) says…
"monsters put my kids in fear of bodily harm but when the find out that they are fake, they move on and noone goes to jail over it…"

True, but if some stranger dressed up like a monster and hid in your kid's closet waiting to scare him or her I guarantee that you'd have that person arrested.

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House Democrats bristle over description of KPERS as bankrupt

Eride (Anonymous) says…
"They are working there because they can't work elsewhere."

As soon as I read that I knew that I could quit reading anything written by Eride. bear1956 nailed it when he said, "You sound like one of those unappreciative citizens who hates public servants until one of the government services important to you is taken away then all hell breaks loose because something you think is your right is taken away."

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Statehouse Live: GOP legislator blasts Obama while wearing hat that says "OPOSSUM the other Dark Meat"

unsavoryagent (Anonymous) says…
"I'm reading a lot of UCLA vs USC-like comments here"

That's one of the main problems with American politics--it's just a game to most people. They vote for the republican or democratic candidates no matter who they are, as long as they've got an "R" or a "D" after their name. Most Kansans support republicans for the same reason that most Kansans support KU--it's easier and more fun to support a winner.

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Statehouse Live: GOP legislator blasts Obama while wearing hat that says "OPOSSUM the other Dark Meat"

"State Rep. Bill Otto, R-LeRoy, criticizes President Obama with a “Redneck Rap” on You Tube."

I'm not gonna bother watching it, but I'm sure that's it's even worse than I imagine. I can understand some Joe Sixpack doing something stupid like this, but a state representative?

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House Democrats bristle over description of KPERS as bankrupt

The 401k idea is terrible. One of the only good things about a state job is their defined benefit plan, and if they switch it to a defined contribution plan they'll have a much harder time attracting talented employees.

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After apartment fire, value of renters insurance more apparent

werekoala (Anonymous) says…
"I'd love to see the city commission debate a requirement to show proof of renter's insurance before renting an apartment in city limits."

That is one of the dumbest things that I've ever read.

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Aldrich, Collins honored together

cntrygrl (Anonymous) says…
"I highly doubt that being alone in an elevator with Sherron would be a risk."

You must not read the news very often:

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ACORN activists refuse to buckle to scandal

Why is it that ACORN is getting all of this attention? Why not look into the scandals of Blackwater/Xe, KBR, and other defense contractors? Those contractors have ripped-off hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars and committed actual crimes, but they still get new no-bid contracts year after year.

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President Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

overthemoon (Anonymous) says…
"KansasVoter and all the other posters who are stating their stupidity:"

It's a joke, son. You missed it.

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