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Letter: Service support

An all volunteer service is the only way to go, in my opinion. A draft isn't needed and hasn't been since Viet Nam. Our leadership in Washington just needs to learn to appreciate what those of us who have worn the uniform have done for them. I realize this past election we had four individuals running for our highest offices and none with Military service.

We have too many folks who have or currently serve in the Military that don't belong. Hence those who decided to not honor their Military enlistment and instead of serving in Iraq/Afghanistan ran to Canada. There are other examples as well, those granted are extreme.

Requring all citizens to serve would water down what makes our Military so great/unique. Those who want to have the honor of serving do, those who don't, aren't required to. Today, a large majority of our citizens don't pay any attention to what our Military does for them, and what they have done. Military history I think is lost in our education system.

It is sad that we have less than one percent of our society have served in the current War in the middle east. I don't think however requiring a 2 year commitment will honestly improve anything in Government or otherwise.

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