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What's your favorite poem?

"Bivouac of the Dead" by Theodore O'Hara or "Flanders Field" by John McCrea. Both have a military theme. Bivouac was written during the Mexican War but used by many soldiers during the Civil War. Flanders was written during World War I about poppies growing in the fields between crosses and graves at a cemetery. Both tell a strong story.

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What's the oldest thing you own?

A pieces-of-eight silver coin from the Atocha, a Spanish sailing ship that sunk in the Caribbean Sea in 1622.

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What's your favorite musical?

Mamma Mia

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What's your favorite Western?

High Noon... Do not forsake me oh my darling!!!

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If you had $500,000 to donate to a nonprofit of your choice, what would you give it to?

The Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary in South Dakota..

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What is your favorite cold or frozen dessert?

Blue Bell peach ice cream!!!

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What was your worst experience on a flight?

On a TWA flight from Chicago to Kansas City in 1965... About 10 minutes before landing in KC, we had a fire break out and smoke filled the entire cabin. Fire engines were racing along side us as we landed at the end of the runway. Those 10 minutes felt like 10 hours.

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