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Truancy policies can catch parents by surprise

I am a single mom of 2. 6yr old daughter and a 4yr old son. He is in private pre-K. Im also self employed. LJW did a article & photo shoot at my salon. It was featured last Mon in the GO insert. I work about 45-50 hours a were to support my family. Im not on any gov't programs nor do I qualify for any. It was the grossly misguided assumptions of Deerfield office staff that "people like me" as stated in a letter from the school nurse wouldn't take things serious when it came to the wellness & best interest of my daughter. I challenged the nurse and her opinion and a few days later I get the truancy letter. When I spoke to Joni about what I believed to be a set up and that.her nurse and I need to have a meeting with her, Joni said that she didn't think it was necessary. So yes there is more to this story but I wanted to lead with the truancy because I believe there should be some changes & parents need to be made aware of their children attendance records and make sure that when they call or email to excuse their child that it is excused and not get caught off guard like I did. Everything thing the nurse attempted has come back on her against her favor & I was vindicated but not after damage was done. The Nursing board will be contacted after my daughter's last day of school. I've requested that I get a phone call when my daughter goes into the nurses office. The school district liaison didn't think that was an unreasonable request but Joni did.and refuses to

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Truancy policies can catch parents by surprise

There need to be policy changes for sure. I have already contacted the ACLU & The NAACP. I was concerned that because my child is mixed race that there were racially motivate intentions and social economic stereo types. I expressed those concerns to Joni & Rick, but they still didn't take my concerns about the situations and what was in the best interest of a 6yr old little girl serious and how strong & tireless my Mama Bear fight would be. My daughter has been affected by this as well as our whole family and the damage can not be undone but it can be prevented from happening to others. Rick Doll has already been contacted by the NAACP on my child's behalf

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Truancy policies can catch parents by surprise

Thank you for the advise, already have things in motion before article just needed the publicity to get word to other parents. Im not backing down on this. The Principal and Superintendent were already warned via email that if they didn't correct the injustice to my daughter then I will move forward and expose every misconduct

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Truancy policies can catch parents by surprise

Well he's not available to help.

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Truancy policies can catch parents by surprise

Why would I want my daughter to miss a whole day of school due to my migraine? Silly as ut seems, instead of telling the truth and getting my daughter late to school I could have lied and said she was sick and kept her out of school all day and it would have been an excused absence and no truancy issue. Shame that I actually thought it in the best interest of my child to be late to school safely & still being educated than to keep her home or take her to work with me so she could watch cartoons.

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Truancy policies can catch parents by surprise

One that is not capable of being explained.

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Truancy policies can catch parents by surprise

I received the letter from the school about the unexcused absences on the 6th. I called the school & emailed them on the 7th. Joni didn't return my call. The 8th was s teacher in session day so no school for kids. The school called in the truancy to SRS. Mon I called the school again & still Joni didn't return ny call. I then contacted the Kansas Board of Education to find out policies. I then emailed Joni stating that I feel that I was being set up. She returned my call then. SRS was at my door Tuesday. The school had no intention of ever allowing me to correct or show proof of my daughters absences. They made their mind up. The letters states that I had 3 days to contact the school to clear the issue up. Joni told me that it's 3 days from the school sends the letter not when I received it.

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Truancy policies can catch parents by surprise

So your kids are 7 years apart then in order for you to have 21 years of experience with this school. No one is trashing educators in the school system. Just one Principal that has caused a stir with more than just one parent. She's in charge so the buck stops with her.

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Truancy policies can catch parents by surprise

Because I learned that with email there's proof. Never was a problem before or even now. They get the communication just fine. Only issue is I didn't know that by communicating with the truth that would go against me. Joni said a parents illness is not a valid reason for an excused absence. So after the fact is when Im told this & not before.
Talk to text email is easier to deal with than the magnified sound from a phone call & actual conversation.

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Truancy policies can catch parents by surprise

Not once have I said anything negative about the school or teachers. My daughter loves her teacher and she is amazing with her. My daughter has good grades and her teacher has nothing but wonderful things to say about my daughter. I like Deerfield a lot, I went there as a child. I love that it is so diverse. If Joni would have followed the handbook as she expects us parents to then there would be no problem. The article is about unexcused absences and how parents can get blind sided because each school has different policies. Being tardy and excused absences are not what the topic of issue is and people are misunderstanding that. I
received a letter about 7 days of unexcused absences. 5 were because my daughter was over a hour late the other two were because of the nurse & one later was changed to a excused absence. Still does not change the fact that the other 5 should have been recorded as 1/2 day not full and the 6th day should have been excused since I told the nurse my daughter would not be at school.
My daughter doesn't have 7 unexcused absent days on her attendance record even as of today. So you don't know what is really going on just what they want you to know because you'd be just as confused and dumbfounded as everyone else is that has gotten to see all the information I have in regards to my daughter.

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