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How much do you think the city should fine people who don’t clear their sidewalks?

Most people do it because it's considerate of pedestrians. Look at Bart Nash above. He seems like a good neighbor rather than a sheep who shovels because "the man" tells him he must. Frankly, I'm amazed at the number of people who are too lazy to get off the couch and shovel their walks.

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How much do you think the city should fine people who don’t clear their sidewalks?

Here's a better question: How is the old guy or somebody with MS expected to safely navigate your unshoveled walk? It's difficult enough for them as it is. Maybe you should step up to the plate and shovel it so that people with physical limitations are at less risk of falling.

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Charlette Blubaugh pleads guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud in KU ticket scandal

You keyboard-Kojaks crack me up! You keep implicating Lew, Compton and Lungstrum despite the fact that none of them are suspects. Can I play along? Okay, my turn: I saw Compton at Hy-Vee standing in line behind Laird Noller! How does Laird fit into to this? Later that day I saw Danny Manning at the McDonald's drive thru. The kid in the window handed him a soft drink and a bag. I'll bet the bag was full of cash or tickets.

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Charlette Blubaugh pleads guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud in KU ticket scandal

Am I missing something? I fail to see anything illegal.

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What is your favorite winter activity?

Dispersant, that face is technically known as "duckface." It's an epidemic. I don't know if Audra has a Facebook page, but if she does I'd bet money that she's doing the pouty lip thing on her profile pic too. Once girls start making duckface, it's difficult to stop. Google duckface. It's a widespread sickness.

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Kansas Athletics looking for bidders to run its retail, online stores

The guy from Joe College? You must be joking. Quite possibly the worst businessman ever. He would run the business into the ground due to his cluelessness regarding licensing regulations. That's the last person you'd want in charge of KU gear. Lew protected the Jayhawk licensing and kept Sinks from stealing business from legitimate vendors like Jock's Nitch. I hope Jock's Nitch gets the bid. They have demonstrated that they are responsible with licensing and committed to KU and its fans.

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Knology ‘rightsizing’ in Lawrence

The Dolph Who Stole Christmas. My condolences to all the families who will be affected by this.

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Deer-mating season poses road hazards

When I drive on K-10 during this time of year I always make sure to drive behind other cars so they can act as blockers, especially at night when deer are difficult to see.

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Repairs slated for portions of East 19th Street; work possible because other street projects came in under budget

I don't live in East Lawrence, but I have driven through there and was amazed at how bad the streets are. Drive along New Jersey between 10th and 15th and your car just might rattle apart. It's been in that condition for years. I realize that the people in that part of town may not contribute as much in property tax as the rest of us, but they are taxpayers nonetheless! Please fix their streets.

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Not a problem

How are the suggested cards patronizing, demeaning and discriminatory? If i'm not mistaken, don't the cards contain information and resources that could help people get back on their feet? That sounds much more effective than giving someone a dollar for beer or cigarettes.

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