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Gill: WR coach Beaty will not return

Wow, they're really cleaning out the program and starting from scratch.

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Shots fired outside the Granada Sunday morning


A DJ The Granada books regularly from Topeka is the scoop I've heard. I was unable to get his name. It's not up on The Granada's website.

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Shots fired outside the Granada Sunday morning

@ S_M_Thompson Yep, you're my source that witnessed the blue crowds. Didn't know if you wanted to remain anonymous or not. Just played it safe for the time being.

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Shots fired outside the Granada Sunday morning

I live on the same block as The Granada and this is what I have gathered from the evening.

Employees of The Granada pushed a fight outside onto Mass. St. shortly before 1:45 a.m.

Employees escorted them outside where LPD later arrived. Shortly thereafter the first round of shots were fired.

Around ten minutes later while an arrest was being made another set of 6 or 7 gunshots were fired.

It was unreal watching the crowd hesitate to vacate the area. Nearly 100 people stayed within the block. After the 2nd round of shots were made the crowd roared and retracted around 100 yards away from The Granada. At this time a police officer located on the corner of 10th and Massachusetts grabbed a large gun from his trunk and proceeded through the crowd towards The Granada.

Although cop cars blocked the majority of the blocks exit-ways, people sat in their cars or on their trunks as if they were waiting for a backup call.

At this point I left the side of my apartment to take cover from the windows. Over the next ten minutes I heard screams and people trying to persuade others to leave the block. I anticipated more gun shots because of the screams that would come and go.

After things died down I went over to look again and a large number of people still remained on the block. I'm astonished so many people hesitated to leave the scene.

I noticed a large number of red shirts and a lot of large groups walking together. A bystander during this time reported seeing a large number of blue shirts also. A source close to a Granada employee said a DJ from Topeka was playing tonight. The source said this is not the first encounter of violence The Granada has had from the DJ's crowd.

Cop cars cleared the blocks from 10th to 11th and Massachusetts shortly after 2:30 a.m.

An ambulance and another special emergency vehicle remained at the intersection of 11th and Massachusetts until around 2:45 a.m.

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That’s better

The girls are looking sharp. STUDENTS: the games are FREEEEEEEEE, come our support tremendous jayhawk talent.

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Pizza Shuttle driver robbed at gunpoint

What's new? Crime, ..crime, ...crime.

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KU mourns student who died in weekend car wreck

That's too sad- 3 a.m. - 2 deaths. My prayers go out to the families.

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8 people arrested in connection with burglary of Masonic Temple

I've heard the owner of the previous business, 'Mass Street Hookah,' talk of opening up a night club at the Masonic Temple. He talked about a glass roof and a VIP balcony. However, it wouldn't surprise me if he was on his 'high' horse while drafting up the plans.

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Overland Park man arrested in shooting incident near KU campus

My prayers go out to the victims and families involved.
I can't believe Lawrence just had a 'drive-by.' As society morphs into something new each year, I can't help but wonder why humans are becoming more and more animalistic with each passing year. I wonder if this was an effect of $1 drink night at The Hawk.

Let's keep Lawrence safe. I pray they catch this violent criminal.

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