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Kansas tax act most regressive in nation

Brownback's trying to make history and he'll do it, by cracky! He's not smart enough to be the best governor, but he's got a real good shot at being the worst governor, and that's just as famous a status! Now if only we could get him to beat his wife or starve his kids, that would be icing on the cake. He doesn't actually have to be mad at his wife, just beat her for winning public disapproval, just part of the overall effort to be the worst governor. He needs additional suggestions on how to do this too. I suggest we provide him with those extra ideas on how to become the worst governor in history.

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Kansas tax act most regressive in nation

These "reply" boxes don't post the replies to the right comments. That's a bit of a nuisance.

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Kansas tax act most regressive in nation

Your property is your property only as long as you're big and tough enough to keep the next guy who comes along from taking it from you.

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Kansas tax act most regressive in nation

Let's eliminate taxes and govt entirely and become a business center and industrial powerhouse like Somalia or Afghanistan!

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Tax gamble

Oh well... After the stuff hits the fan, and it will soon, Republican legislators and their rich backers will count themselves lucky if they don't end up wearing tar and feathers. Brownback will go down in history as the worst governor this state has ever had. It's a rugged path to enlightenment that Kansas voters have chosen, but I'm sure they'll get there. Even the wingers posting here will have to rethink their views.

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Tax gamble

Do you pay for roads? Schools? Armies and Air Forces? Universities? Cops and deputies? Highway patrolman and drug and border agents? Chemists who test your water to make sure it won't kill you? Chicken inspectors who make sure your Sunday dinner is fit to eat? Etc, etc. I'm sure you never paid for a teacher, because if you had, you'd know something.

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Tax gamble

rockchalk, we believe everything we read, right? If Obama were a leftist, he would have strongly supported unions instead of having a press secretary who called them professional leftists, and he would not have bent over backward to try to accommodate Republicans in the House and Senate. Obama's problem is that he's been too nice and tried too hard to work with wingnuts instead of fighting them. He seemed to take a really long time figuring out that they wanted his scalp instead of the privilege of working in a bipartisan way to carry out the nation's business. The times have changed, and the White House patience has run out. And wingnut lies will not prevail.

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Reversal of fortune: Senate changes Brownback tax plan then votes it down, then votes it up

Brownback, encouraged by the Koch brothers and other rich backers, is waltzing this state into a financial calamity. Brownback and the Republican Party will very soon be recognized as evil (not merely incompetent) by a vast majority of Kansas citizens. Expect a recall election for Brownback and a lot of Republican legislators. Expect repercussions for the Koch brothers and other conservative backers of Brownback's idiotic initiatives.

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Gov. Brownback’s approval rating falls; Kansas GOP disputes poll

Regarding US and Kansas energy, we're stuck with oil, gas and coal for a while, but the state has three engineering schools who could work on state-funded pilot energy projects and basic research. Why should the federal govt and its grants monopolize fusion energy research, for example? Why can't the state put up a couple million bucks plus some contributions from the state's major utilities (make the contributions fully tax-deductible) to work on fusion? Nothing would make more money in the long run than solving the fusion energy problem and selling the technology to the world. Sooner or later, someone's going to do it and make a fortune. Why not make that fortune here?

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Gov. Brownback’s approval rating falls; Kansas GOP disputes poll

Any time a politician runs as one thing and then turns out to be something else, some of his supporters will disapprove. It's likely that some of the people who voted for Brownback are NOT wingnuts, teabaggers, John Birchers and libertarian anarchists. There must be a lot of independents in Kansas up for grabs now. Democrats will do very well in November if they stand up for education, for science (don't bash the global warming theory), environmental protection (support re-routing the Keystone pipeline away from the Ogallalah Aquifer), the safety net (all the workers who were laid off and out of a job now), financial regulation to prevent future meltdowns, income taxation (don't dump on the poor and old with sales and property taxes), and workers' rights (workplace health and safety, healthcare). In this Bible-thumping state, Dems should cite the Bible themselves on fair pay (feed the ox that grinds out the grain), loving your neighbor as yourself (with public policies that meet needs) and challenging wealth for wealth's sake (where are the jobs, where are the heavy-duty contributions to nonprofits that serve the needy, the scholarships to deserving poor students, etc). Dems should confront the argument my brother-in-law made, "Who hires you, a rich man or a poor man?" I haven't worked out the rebuttals to this, but there are some in terms of economics, justice and religion. Challenge Brownback's Catholicism, which as a church is pretty good for helping the poor and supporting progressive legislation.

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