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New two-lane Wakarusa roundabout may be a little confusing at first, but it's safer, city official says

The multi-lane roundabout really isn't that hard to understand. If you're going straight, either lane is acceptable. If you need to go left, you should be in the left lane (left turn = left lane). If you need to turn right, you need to be in the right lane (right turn = right lane). Pretty easy and straightforward.

Really boils down to people just getting familiar with it. This is no different than when Lawrence introduced the flashing yellow light at intersections. People were confused because it was 'different.' Those flashing yellow lights are godsends now. Same applies to roundabouts.

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Coyotes reported within Lawrence, likely due to a cold winter

This is news? I used to seem them occasionally when I lived in Hutton Farms. Also used to see them when I lived at 12th and Ohio; they were great at clearing up the rabbit population. Maybe I just don't see the big deal with living on the western edge of Olathe now where we hear them howling all the time.

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Grocery store industry begins new push to allow strong beer, wine, liquor sales

Good liquor stores will not go out of business (Cork & Barrel/Mass St Beverage/Lukas Liquor/etc). They will honestly thrive due to having a more diverse selection than grocery stores can offer.

If you read the article you would see that he is proposing grocery stores will have to purchase an existing liquor license from already established stores. These will most likely come from the one-two person run liquor store in a random strip mall. Those folks could cash in on selling that license.

I, for one, am a fan of passing this law. This saves me a trip when all I'm looking for is a case of the popular beer (Boulevard for me). This also finally opens up Costco and Trader Joe's to selling wine in their stores like they do in other states they operate (*cough*Missouri*cough*).

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What chain restaurant would you like to see come to Lawrence?

+1 for Whataburger!

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Chick-fil-A files plans to build restaurant on South Iowa Street; city sets details for ice rink grand opening

Of course a Chick-fil-A will get built after I moved away. Lucky for me, I have a couple in short driving distance here in JoCo. Now we (Lawrence or KC) needs a freakin' Whataburger!

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Speculation grows that Sam's Club wants to locate in new shopping center south of SLT

They ARE the same. No normal person walks into a store and thinks, "Man, these employees' 401(k) option is pretty sweet. That dental coverage too!" Whoooo cares? People go in to stores because they offer what we want to buy at a price we want to pay. Sam's and Costco both do that on the same level.

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Speculation grows that Sam's Club wants to locate in new shopping center south of SLT

Any warehouse job is going to make their employees go through security. Kmart (edit: and Hallmark) works the same way there in Lawrence.

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Speculation grows that Sam's Club wants to locate in new shopping center south of SLT

LOL @ all the Costco love/Sam's hate. They're the same freaking store. This is the same, sad argument from people that hate Walmart but love Target.

Saying that, we're currently Costco members and have been for a number of years. However, we're considering switching to Sam's. There really is NOT a big difference between the two. Our reasoning is because Pamper's seem to work better for our son and Sam's carries them. Costco only carries Huggies. Then again, we may say screw 'em both and just order off Amazon since we're Prime members as well.

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Portion of K-10 to be reduced to one lane for SLT project

Construction woes? Hahaha. Come over here to Johnson County and drive through the JoCo Gateway Project area on a daily basis. You'll be thankful all you have to deal with is one measly closed lane for two months.

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Topeka council delays public nudity ban discussion

Good. The idea to even ban this was stupid in the first place. People need to get over their fear of nudity.

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