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New multimillion dollar medical building set for west Lawrence; future of Clinton Parkway interchange may spark a battle

No it wouldn't. The access road would be on the west side of the SLT...away from the "residential areas, churches, schools and businesses". The only increase Bob Billings would see, if any, is from folks living in central Lawrence that would be heading to the new access road. Which at that point would be a drop in the bucket since there would already be increased every day traffic from the new interchange they're building now. People on the south side would continue to use Clinton Pkwy and the people to the north would use the SLT to the Bob Billings exit then use the new access road.

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Two people injured in two-vehicle crash at 31st and Iowa

Who was at fault? We need to judge them for their bad driving skills.

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Plans call for pair of buildings to be demolished near Ninth and Iowa to make way for high-tech car wash; Zarco owner launches tech product for convenience store industry

No loss on Casey's. Only good thing about them is their pizza and even then QT's Kitchen pizza is better. QuikTrip needs a second location over there on the northwest side of Lawrence.

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Massive dead carp found near Kansas school

I live just up the street from where this carp called home. Sad I never walked by this lake while it was swimming around, haha. You know there is some kid somewhere telling his parents, "See?! I told you I saw a big fish in there!"

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Schumm files plans for new multistory commercial/condo building on Vermont Street; Sprouts set to open; update on Bauer Farm development

Wow, that render does not make that building look very attractive at all. Curved overhangs look like they are out of the 70s-80s. Stuff across the top is gaudy as well.

I'm all for taller buildings downtown, but that baby needs to head back to the drawing board.

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Update on plans for development near Clinton Parkway and Inverness; roundabout proposed at Wakarusa and Harvard; policy on court usage at Rock Chalk may change


Saying that, I do think the money would be better spent currently at 19th and Naismith vs Wakarusa and Harvard.

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Two hospitalized after head-on collision on K-10

Uhh, what? Seems pretty clear who caused the accident from this comment: "when an eastbound vehicle at K-10 mile marker 7 veered into the westbound lane and struck another vehicle head on."

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Soul food restaurant opens in eastern Lawrence; don't let signs of redevelopment worry you at The Bottleneck; more than $200K of traffic calming considered for 27th Street

Stop signs are a horrible idea. Too many of those dumb things as there is. Yield signs, roundabouts and people learning how to drive are cheaper. The latter being the more difficult option.

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Hundreds of KU class notes for sale online, but buyer — and seller — beware

Pretty sure I hear the Wambulance coming to some of these instructor's aid. Like one mentioned, there is no substitute for coming to class. That is the absolute truth. One I personally learned the hard way in my time at KU. If these students want to waste their bar money on sub par notes, let them. In the long run, there is simply no better way to learn and succeed then actually going to class and getting the knowledge first hand from instructors. Threatening legal action of 'copyright' issues isn't going to help anyone.

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Knights of Columbus to close E. 23rd Street events hall; new food cart slated for downtown; SLT project to create long-term lane reductions on K-10

It will stay two lanes for the time being. KDoT had a survey about what people wanted to do awhile back. The plan is to make it four lanes all the way to I-70 eventually, but who knows when the funds will be available for it.

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