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Fix-It Chick: Strip, crimp and cut wire with a multi-tool

I would suggest going with a pair from Knipex, the best pliers brand on the market. They can be ordered from KC Tool (local company) here: http://www.kctoolco.com/knipex-crimpi...

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KTen Crossing developers field questions at town hall meeting

The Parcel 1 spot in the image would be a perfect place for a new QuikTrip.

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Trio of downtown businesses announce closings; one set to reopen in west Lawrence

Yes. Chad reported on it a week or so ago that it was closing. That location is cursed. Nothing survives there.

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A Thousand Voices: New poll shows strong support of four-lane Kasold Drive over two-lane 'road diet'

Because somebody wants to put their stamp of design on a city street instead of blending in. Ego: It is the American way.

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South Lawrence Trafficway still on track for fall 2016

Pictures may not do justice for the amount of work left, but that certainly does not LOOK like it should take a year to complete. O.o

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New multimillion dollar medical building set for west Lawrence; future of Clinton Parkway interchange may spark a battle

"No 65 mph road should have a stoplight!"

I agree with you, but you must not travel K-7 much.

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New multimillion dollar medical building set for west Lawrence; future of Clinton Parkway interchange may spark a battle

No it wouldn't. The access road would be on the west side of the SLT...away from the "residential areas, churches, schools and businesses". The only increase Bob Billings would see, if any, is from folks living in central Lawrence that would be heading to the new access road. Which at that point would be a drop in the bucket since there would already be increased every day traffic from the new interchange they're building now. People on the south side would continue to use Clinton Pkwy and the people to the north would use the SLT to the Bob Billings exit then use the new access road.

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Two people injured in two-vehicle crash at 31st and Iowa

Who was at fault? We need to judge them for their bad driving skills.

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Plans call for pair of buildings to be demolished near Ninth and Iowa to make way for high-tech car wash; Zarco owner launches tech product for convenience store industry

No loss on Casey's. Only good thing about them is their pizza and even then QT's Kitchen pizza is better. QuikTrip needs a second location over there on the northwest side of Lawrence.

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Massive dead carp found near Kansas school

I live just up the street from where this carp called home. Sad I never walked by this lake while it was swimming around, haha. You know there is some kid somewhere telling his parents, "See?! I told you I saw a big fish in there!"

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