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Lawrence sales tax collections post big gains; numbers suggest new Menards may be adding big totals to city; fast food chain reopens on 23rd

Oak Park Mall and the majority of the other stores there at 95th and Quivira are in Overland Park. And anyone that isn't a dumb dumb knows you can still easily access that area from 87th St, I-435 or US-69.

Lenexa honestly doesn't have a true retail center like the cities around it.

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After fanfare, forecasters review talk of storm 'outbreak'

Really it was the local TV meteorologists who caused the forecast to be a 'bust' with the over sensationalism. When you look at the data the SPC shared and what transpired during the actual event, they were dead on.

This map speaks for itself: https://img.washingtonpost.com/blogs/...

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Happy Earth Day, although rankings show it could be happier in Kansas; parent company of major Lawrence employer announces cutbacks

There are approx 10 Kmart distribution centers left. The Lawrence DC is (or was when I worked there) a national hub for certain products. Because of that, I don't see the Lawrence distribution center closing anytime soon...unless Kmart and Sears finally go under.

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Poor Boy Burrito hopes to wrap up mobile breakfast burrito market; Zaxby's chicken chain confirms it is coming to Lawrence

Lawrence IS getting a Popeye's. It is being built just north of Buffalo Wild Wings on Iowa.

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Lawrence group begins effort to raise tobacco-purchasing age to 21

This madness has to stop. There is NO reason to be raising the age to 21!

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Lawmakers question legality of KU, Brownback administration real estate deals

Personally, I think this is hilarious. Good job giving the state the middle finger, KU.

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Lawrence high school students create petition to ban Confederate flag districtwide

Park off school grounds then walk to class. Problem solved. Kid 'wins' by getting to keep his flag and school 'wins' by keeping the car of school property.

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New grocery chain coming to the area with store, fueling center; update on Church's Chicken speculation

Not so much 'north of Kansas City,' but Kansas City North (aka Northland). The rumor is they'll be building one near the site of Metro North Mall on Barry Rd since that area is supposed to be undergoing re-development.

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