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Once popular restaurant chain closes west Lawrence location; more reasons to keep an eye on Lawrence's Kmart distribution center

Very doubtful. Applebee's is in a slow free fall and is closing restaurants across the country. Several have closed over here in the KC Metro recently as well.

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Report: Brownback to be named to U.N. post in Rome

And the state rejoices!

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6 restaurants in 2 hours? Journal-World staffers take a chicken challenge

Slim Chickens is the winner IMO. Raising Cane's toast and crinkle fries are better, but the chicken, wings and the Cayene Ranch Chicken Sandwich at Slim Chickens put it over the top. Zaxby's is a distant third.

February 12, 2017 at 2:59 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Another fast-food chicken chain coming to south Iowa Street; maybe Lawrence has more vacant apartments than once thought

Slim Chickens is awesome! We eat at the one in Overland Park fairly regularly. They are definitely my favorite new chicken spot out of the three including Raising Cane's and Zaxby's. I'd put their wings up against anybody. Their tenders and chicken sandwich are really good as well. The fries are the one "Meh. They're OK." spot for them. They're good when fresh and hot, but to go they don't taste very good after they cool off.

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A look at the city's gravel road that runs by millions of dollars in new homes; work begins on west Lawrence apartment project

Queens Rd needs replaced ASAP. It has been horrible for as long as I remember. Your suggestion is good, but they really should just put that money to use up front and fix it right the first time; it is a major north/south street for that area.

Also, there isn't a need for a stop light at Queens Rd and Sixth St. It would be easy enough to construct a median in the middle of Sixth St to force right turns only from Queens Rd on to Sixth St and allow left turns only from Sixth St on to Queens Rd. Traffic could then go down to Stoneridge to make a U-Turn to head back east. Forcing this right turn might just make people take the Overland Dr to Stoneridge route to the light to avoid the hassle.

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KDOT to have open house for comments on Kasold Drive/K-10 intersection

At MINIMUM, there needs to be an underpass/overpass to keep the road connected from the north to south of the SLT.

June 2, 2016 at 3:37 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

KDOT to have open house for comments on Kasold Drive/K-10 intersection

I did, actually...unless it was on a separate article. They should build an underpass under the SLT with on/off ramp access. "Too expensive!" Not really; no such claim can be made since there isn't even funding available for this project. Making an underpass answers the safety issue as well as the community's wish to keep access.

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