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Were you in a fraternity or sorority?

I held the same opinion as Nadina while I was in school. However, now that I'm in the 'real world' I see that it probably would have been beneficial for me...just from the networking aspect alone. Probably would have helped me stay a little more focused academically as well.

That isn't saying someone couldn't accomplish the same thing (networking/successful academics) w/o being in a frat/sorority since there are thousands of successful students who do just that every year.

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City being asked to approve thousands of dollars to address leakage issues at Rock Chalk Park rec center

lol, what? I'd be pretty concerned that the city seems to think this situation is normal. Heavy rains or not, you should not be having water coming in under the walls or 'seeping' through the concrete. That sounds like poor construction IMO.

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Despite ban, Lawrence police respond to fireworks calls over holiday

These bans don't work and they are a waste of time/money. Ban the ban!

I live in Olathe now where the sale, possession and use of fireworks is supposedly illegal. Our neighborhood sounded like a war zone from about 9pm until 11pm or so. So the city has a ban on fireworks when they are used for two hours of the 8760 hrs/yr? Again, waste of time and money.

The definition of a law on Wikipedia says: "law is a system of rules and guidelines which are enforced through social institutions to govern behavior." Just like anything else, when the majority of people are doing the opposite of what a 'law' is supposed to stop...that is pretty clear evidence it shouldn't be a law in the first place.

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Lawrence police chief urges residents to take fireworks ban more seriously

Blah, blah, blah. Go worry about real crime, Mr. Police Chief. The other 364 days of the year? Sure, ban them. However, the 4th of July is the ONE day Americans set aside to set off fireworks. If people want to blow their fingers off, let them! Isn't that what the day is celebrating in the first place? Our independence from tyranny/those telling us we can't do something?

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QuikTrip moving into restaurant business at 23rd and Haskell; home sales fall in May; area businessman in running for national entrepreneur of the year

I had been curious about when the Lawrence QT would see a renovation. The new Gen 3 stores are awesome! We have one down the street from our house at 119th and Ridgeview in Olathe. IMO, Lawrence still needs a second QuikTrip over on the west side of town too.

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Trademark board rules against Redskins name, cancels trademarks

Or the Cleveland Indians? Atlanta Braves? Or countless other teams? The PC idiocy never stops. Heck, Jayhawks is offensive to Missourians. Time to strike it down too? There will also be something that offends someone somewhere. People need to just get over it and move on.

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More details on proposed PetSmart on south Iowa Street; city gets incentives request for $75 million apartment project

PetSmart addition will be nice. I always hated having to go to the Petco there at 31st and Iowa. Would usually just save our pet related needs for trips to KC. PetSmart usually has a pet hospital associated with it (Banfield), so the addition could be for that.

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Town Talk: New West Lawrence restaurant aims to bring Chipotle concept to Italian food; UPDATE PetSmart files plans for Lawrence store

The article never really said it was. The owner is even quoted of saying, "The concept isn't anything that is around here." Personally, I read that as there are other restaurants around like this...but none like it in the Lawrence/KC/Topeka area.

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Plans filed for restaurant to go into former Round Corner Drug space downtown; city seeks comments on police headquarters location

Of those four, the 29 acre lot seems to make the most sense then...especially since the city already owns the land. Access to the SLT isn't too far away. Easy access to 6th St for travel east and option to head south straight down Wakarusa to meet up with Bob Billings and Clinton Pkwy.

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KU to shuffle seating at Allen Fieldhouse

It is a big business with a 'customer base' of current students and alumni. When you start screwing one or both, you're on the downhill slide. Without the students in Allen Fieldhouse, it would not be the environment it is that currently gives us one of the best home court advantages in college basketball. Lose that home court advantage and less wins = less championships = less TV exposure = less big time recruits = less overall money in KUAC's pockets. There is zero positive way to spin this idiotic move.

If KU Athletics could have their way, there wouldn't be any students in AFH, only those folks that could plop down $100+ ticket/game.

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