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SafeBus adjusting services to meet demand

The University of Kansas student fee for SafeRide and SafeBus will be $16.30/semester for the 2012-2013 academic year.

The SafeRide program has existed for almost 40 years, giving safe rides home to any student from anywhere in the city limits, including the library! Generally, we provide around 20,000 rides per year on SafeRide. SafeBus was added in 2007-2008 in order to provide more rides home more efficiently, providing a fixed route to our highest-demand locations. As the article states, the ridership has grown significantly since 2007!

As a student-funded and student-run service, our goal is to use the funds allocated by Student Senate as efficiently as possible! Many of the changes we are making this year were accomplished by simply reworking the existing routes, with the increased fee going to the cost of fuel and the new route.

Summer SafeRide has ended, but both SafeRide and SafeBus will start back up on August 17. We are looking forward to another great year, and will continue to look for more ways to improve the system.

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