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Saturday Column: Review of universities must be taken seriously

"It’s understood several ground rules have been suggested before the tour gets underway."

For example, university representatives should not refer to Luddite, creationist, bigoted, small-minded, vindictive, self-serving legislators as such, even though that would be as descriptively accurate as referencing KSU's enrollments of Kansas natives or KU's "flagship" status.

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Lawrence school enrollment up 2 percent this year

+2% is a trend that can be expected to continue?


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City voices support for $725k loan to shelter but wants further discussion of terms

Any loan must be require amortized principal payments over time. Saddling a non-profit with a balloon payment is just not sustainable and will politicize any default/renegotiation/refinancing at the end of the 15-year period. If the shelter can't afford a more reasonable payment structure then that would be a symptom of unsustainability from the git-go..

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KU, Lawrence should strive to be a ‘giant redwood’

If KU Med had been located in Lawrence (or even Topeka) rather than Kansas City, then a strategy of developing KU/Lawrence as a regionally or even nationally prominent healthcare and health science destination might make sense. For good and ill, KU Med is in Kansas City and is not going to be relocated to Lawrence. That legacy makes Simons's vision for KU/Lawrence seem unlikely.

I await articulation of a strategy for enhancing KU's prominence -- to Lawrence's economic benefit -- that acknowledges and overcomes the inherent disadvantages of the divided Lawrence and KU Med campuses. The failure -- yes failure -- of the massive investments in the Edwards Campus facilities to be integrated into Lawrence-based academic programs in a way that materially enhances KU's academic reputation and Lawrence's economy stand as a hard lesson and a continuing challenge, too.

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Speculation starts on who would run for Davis' legislative seat if he runs for governor

I don't frequently agree with Davis but I have more respect for him than most other urban Kansas democrats, and he has been a smart, articulate, and organized opposition leader in the Kansas house. If he were to make a quixotic run for governor then I would look forward to observing the campaign and especially any debates with Governor Brownback.

That said, if Davis gives up his lock-safe district-46 house seat then Lawrence does not need another feckless KU-employee political groupie Democrat like Abbie Hodgson to take his place. Marci Francisco and Barbara Ballard -- both nominally KU employees -- already do enough by being useless for Lawrence in the state senate and house, respectively.

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A look at how KU and its students would fare under President Obama's higher education reforms

This story's online headline is "A look at how KU and its students would fare under President Obama’s higher education reforms."

Yet, the article provides almost zero information that is KU-specific.

By all means, Ben, adapt national news-service-fed stories on higher education for your Kansas and KU readers. But, if you're going to promise original reporting on KU then you'd better deliver. This time you didn't.

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Retail sales in city starting to slip, latest report finds

Flat population growth, relatively flat salary growth, no new major employers, utility bills up, city service fees up, real estate taxes up . . . What else to expect unless people are going to load up on unsustainable credit-fueled consumption?

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KU showing off sustainability program with parking lot

Why couldn't they have started this early enough to be ready by the start of the fall semester? This is going to be a mess.

Will it be done by the first football game? By the first BB game?

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City asked to consider building permit change to boost solar energy projects in Lawrence

Two observations:

1. Something is wrong when the city charges homeowners thousands of dollars in building fees to approve a licensed contractor making an improvement on their property. Perhaps the city isn't over-charging just for solar installations for for a wide variety of activities that should be "fee/approval lite". And, I would hate to see other fees go up or be maintained at high levels just to cut a subsidy for solar installations.

2. Way to play the revolving door for your self interest, former city commissioner Cromwell. Couldn't see that coming (not!).

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City approves budget with slight property tax increase, great hopes of improving economy in 2014

Yes, mortgage rates are still low, but not as low as over the past year or so and still heading up.

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