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2nd KU class denies status of science to design theory

What the KU community, particularly the powers that be, forget is that the university's seal has Moses kneeling before the burning bush. Does this mean they will change the official seal too? Perhaps Chancellor Hemenway should step down and be replaced with someone who has morals before every KU tradition is sold to the highest bidder.


November 27, 2005 at 11:25 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Fire may be one of worst in city's history

Ummm, what about the one that all but destroyed Hoch Auditorium on KU's campus. That was kinda big, too.

There was also on on Vermont in the mid 90s or so that destroyed two buildings, I believe. That lot still sits vacant.

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Shulenburger to step down as KU provost

Too bad KU couldn't get rid of him all together. Maybe some day the campus will be rid of moral decay.

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'After Cancer' support group begins sessions

Well, what a great thing to read after coming home from the hospital tonight after finding out my Mother is being sent home to die of cancer. I didn't know support groups meant support the person running the show. You should be ashamed. You're lucky I'm too tired to think or I'd call the numbers listed in the article. It's now midnight . . .

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Rush gets KU student ID

Must be a really slow news day . . .

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KU welcomes new, returning students

Nice to see Mark Buhler thinks his classmates were sluts. I'm sure that made him happy.

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Old toys in attic could be auction treasures

The pictured toy is described incorrectly. Dino was their pet dinosaur and was not big enough to ride. This is the dinosaur Fred sits on while working at the rock quary. Everyone knows that!

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Teachers want pay increased, revamped

Well, I'll have to agree with you on your point about the Chancellor. He even gets housing and a free car, all expenses paid while on trips, etc., in addition to his $200+k per year.

But, I'm not so arrogant as to say that I can do your job without knowing what it is. I'll leave it at that as my employer is about to let me escape for lunch.

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Teachers want pay increased, revamped

Actually, Norm, I feel confident in stating that you could not do the work I do. Not because you don't have my "connections", but because you do not have the skills to do what I do. Similarly, I probably don't have the skills to do what you do. However, my education has put me in a position to earn decent money. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite pay the bills, so I work a second job to help with that.

If you don't like what you're paid, perhaps you should go back to school to get the skills needed to EARN a decent salary.

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Teachers want pay increased, revamped

I've been a "professional" for seven years. I have one journalism degree from KU and was an unclassified staff member at KU during the raise freeze. However, from day one, my salary has been higher than my father-in-law. He has taught for 20+ years and is about ready to retire. I think his work is far more important than anything I do, yet we both work second jobs at times. Fair?

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