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Restaurant owner takes fake ID case to ‘Judge Judy’

I live on the west side, and can honestly say I have never sat in my house thinking that underage drinking is the biggest problem in Lawrence. What a stupid thing to say!!!.

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General Motors joins Chrysler in seeking Bankruptcy Court protection


i was wondering who would be the first idiot to blame the previous admin for this, and you win. You are obviously clueless. perhaps it has something to do with the gross wage paid to a GM employee vs the gross wage of a more profitable automake like Toyota. However, I do agree that soon we may actaully have a finger to point towards the admin if they fail .

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Former Oklahoma great Tisdale dies at 44

Sorry to hear that, always enjoyed watching Wayman playing against the Hawks. Much too young!!!!

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Customers would be biggest losers if Jim Clark shuts down, owner says

Hey Junior:

I hate to burst your bubble, but your service department is terrible. I gave up on your shop long ago, and now use DAS autohaus exclusively, as they understand the term excellent service. I'm sorry for the future impact to you and your staff, but your service department is one of the worst I've ever experienced.

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KU roster could be best ever

I'll take the 08 ntl champs roster anyday over what the team may look like next year

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Driver in January Burger King robbery pleads guilty to lesser charges

BS., he didn't know what was going to happen!!!

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KU mourns Shawnee freshman found dead outside Watkins Scholarship Hall


Why would you throw in a teaparty reference with something like this. I have about as much respect for you as I do for oneeye Wilbur..

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Handgun missing after police arrest vacationing couple

oneeye wilbur:

Ya and Eudora is also such a special place. If you hate lawrence so much, why don't ya just read the Eudora paper.

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Recruits won’t work miracles

Collins is the only guy who can penetrate anytime he wants. Maybe Taylor can ocassionaly, but Brady and Reed can only spot up from the outside. I think KU needs a recruit that can do the things Collins does, and give us another guy who can create his shot or drive to the basket. If we get that player, KU has a decent chance at a final four spot. If Brady is playing 30+ minutes for us again next year, we will not make it past the elite 8.

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KU offensive lineman released from hospital

didnt he get in a fight with one of his teammates, and end up on the hood of the car?

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