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Letter: Not incompetent

You forgot to mention the book "The Amature". It is very sad that you think Owebama is the most competent president in your life time. He is by far the most incompetent president in history, and continues to demonstrate that daily.

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Armored vehicle, recently bought by Lawrence police with federal grant, appearing on city streets

Must be expecting a doubling of "Occupy Lawrence" at the park this year

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Defense dooms Raiders

Thanks Grandma Sanders

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Self should have Taylor earn his headband

How about you write an article that someone actually cares about. This article was almost as worthless as the one about Sherron being overweight. Brady did a good job for KU, but when he's playing 37 min a game, we are in trouble and not going to be in a final four. I think this year will be alot different..

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Sauer-Danfoss to cut up to 15 percent of its East Hills Business Park workforce


i was wondering how many comments i would have to read before someone would bring up Bush. If you think Osoma Obama is the savior, just wait until you see the impacts of cap n trade and healthcare reform on this country. Obama is going to go down as the worst president in the history of our nation.

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Collins better get in shape

One of the worst articles I've ever read. Collins will be the glue to this team just like last year, he will not be on the bench except for the usual rest, and no chance Brady Pornstar will see minutes even remotely close to last year. Why the cheap shot at the Henry bro's, made no sense in this article.

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Police surround Jayhawk Motel, apprehend juvenile robbery suspect


He's scum. Nothing I hate more than people who steal.

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Police surround Jayhawk Motel, apprehend juvenile robbery suspect

You hate this town because they sent 24 cops to apprehend a robbery suspect?. You think Olathe is going to be any different?, I assume they would have handled the situation the same way. Good luck entering the real world, and someday you may realize Lawrence is a good place to live and raise a family.

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Lawrence builder pleads guilty in bank fraud case, will testify against others

I'm sure Lou Perkins is laughing, since that thorn in his side (joe college) is going to be caught up in this.

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Lions turn over boys job to Lewis

I think coach lewis is a good choice, but this is hilarious. Recently i recall reading an article by one of the LJW reporters indicating this job would require a national search given the close proximity to KU. So the national search was a guy from perry Lecompton and Emporia. LMFAO, you guys are a bunch of morons.

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