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City commission candidates offer views on rental registration, recycling, neighborhood issues

As well as support from Merrill. If oneeye and Merrill are backing someone, I'll definitely know who I will not cast a vote for. Throw in Banks and it is an easy decision to eliminate one candidate.

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City commission candidates offer views on rental registration, recycling, neighborhood issues

An endorsement by Banks is all I need to know to vote for any of the other candidates.

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Town Talk: Something spooky coming to vacant Borders store; comedy, bum steers and elastic waistbands at 19th and Haskell; another big fight looming near the airport

I hope the rumor for the Halloween Express coming to town for a short period of time does not become a reality. It is unfortunate that a business such as Fun and Games has to contend with these national chains for local business dollars during the peak season. Fun and Games is locally owned and is a part of the community. The halloween season dollars most likely makes it possible for Fun and Games to survive the rest of the year.

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Towing can chain drivers to huge fees

We have had cars towed on several occasions. Most went went, one was really frustrating. We had one car break down south of Topeka on the turnpike late in the evening. The tow company from Topeka was quick to respond to a phone call at 9:30 p.m. He towed the car back to Lawrence to an autoshop. The cost for a late night, weekend tow, on the turnpike for 35 miles was $175.00. I felt it was worth it considering all factors and what a couple of local tows cost us. One was a tow from a parking lot that was very poorly posted. The charges for a tow company in north lawrence was $250.00. They had the car for about 3 hours. Another tow was for an auto accident. We sold the car to the tow company for $100.00 rather than the well over $250.00 for a car requiring repair. The tow was for 3 miles.
Something needs to be done with regulating and having more information available when selecting a tow service. I too, have always heard good things about Hillcrest. I would like a means for reviewing what the fee structure is for each of the companies.

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Tax thoughts

They are probably so busy trying to address your unbelievable number of complaints about your neighbors they just haven't had the time. The city may have to hire additional help to keep up with the number of complaints originating from you, the top complainer in the city. Maybe it has finally gotten to the point where you complain so much about your neighbors and the houses you pass on your way home from KU that the city has tired of your unending complaints.

I believe they did a great job in our neighborhood and have been responsive to concerns.

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How would you grade Gov. Sam Brownback's first six months in office?

Expected pole results from Lawrence. Tough times, tough and unpopular decisions.

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Quick flooding prompts evacuations in Manhattan

Posted some good information.

However, very funny having you comment about ethics.

Your comments on practically all subjects tend to be the most unethical of all.

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Sources: Bubba Cunningham to be KU's next athletic director

Very good post Hope and Change

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Booths purchase original Naismith basketball rules at auction for more than $4 million

At least you followed my advice and did some research and acknowledged the Booth family does give back. I don't recall any discussions on my part related to sports or the NBA. Sounds like you must have a problem with athletes. I support all of KU. University educated? I wonder if you made it through as I have. Most would comment they are a college graduate unless they failed to complete their degree requirements. I'm done. At least you did take some advice.

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Booths purchase original Naismith basketball rules at auction for more than $4 million

Sounds like you are a tad bit jealous of someone who completed an education at KU and made something of himself. He continues to "thank" the universities who contributed to his success through a variety of means. Maybe you should focus on an education and see what you can do with your life. Why don't you check into what the Booth family has contributed to many organizations and charities instead of whining. The "stellar" education he received at KU and Chicago has contributed to his success. If you are having difficulties with your education, maybe you should take a look in the mirror. You tend to get out of an education what you put into it.

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