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Iwig Family Dairy seeking $650,000 in donations to stave off liquidation

Just think if they had the same protection that liquor store owners have, where large grocers weren't able to sell milk! Then they wouldn't have any issues with having to go out of business!

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Iwig Family Dairy seeking $650,000 in donations to stave off liquidation

They wouldn't be out of business if they would have figured out the whole part of delivering the milk to stores. When you go 6 months of shorting store's orders and leave their shelves empty that store is likely to find another supplier of glass bottle milk, which they have.

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Bicylist injured after colliding with vehicle on East 23rd Street

First off, I hope this person is ok, which from this story seems like they will be. Now, it's amazing that this city gives bicycle riders their own lanes and their own freeways of giant sidewalks, but they continue to ride down the middle of the road. More often than not, I see bikes zip through red lights, stop signs and through street crossings without slowing down to give drivers a chance to see them. I see them pass stopped traffic and weave through lanes with total disregard for others. The sad thing is that there will be an immediate uproar defending the bikes and motorcycles saying that it is a car drivers responsibility to not hit them. No, actually it is not, it is the bike riders job to make sure they don't get hit. No, I'm not in any way saying that you shouldn't watch for bike riders, or that they deserve to get hit, I'm saying it's easier for a rider to avoid getting hit than it is for a driver to avoid hitting one. Bikes are obviously smaller and from what I've seen are more likely to make abrupt turns and come out of nowhere. My whole point in this is that I believe it is time for bicycle riders to take more responsibility for their actions, to educate bike riders on the rules of the road, and its time for someone to actually enforce traffic laws to bike riders the same way they are enforced on drivers.

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Anti-abortion activists urge passage of fetal heartbeat bill in Kansas

The same people that want government to stay out of their lives, are the ones that want government to get involved in the lives of others as long as it doesn't effect them. Total hypocrisy.

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City set to make additional improvements to Sixth and Iowa intersection

Wonder why they didn't just opt to build a round a bout at that intersection?? That seems to be the usual answer for just about any traffic problem these days. Also, I wonder if they'll ever change the lights on 6th street to sensors instead of timers. I know for a fact you can wait for up to 5 minutes waiting for a light to change if you're on Kasold or Monterey Way trying to cross while there is little to no traffic on 6th...

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Snow shuts down city for second time in a week

Why on gods earth is my neighbor snow blowing his driveway right now?!? A- it's 6am and B- theres like 3 inches on the ground C-it's still snowing! His driveway is a downhill slope, how is he planning on getting stuck on the way out of his garage?

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Transportation secretary has no specifics on savings if agency takes over turnpike

Hopefully this gets shut down. I can live with paying the toll to get to work every day knowing that the highway I am driving on is always kept up and one of the nicest highways I've every driven on. If they merge the KTA with the government run department you know that toll money would be shifted elsewhere, like the ridiculous 20 year reconstruction/ redirection project of 435 in Overland Park, that's if it even goes to any transportation project. The actual Turnpike would not get the attention it is now getting to keep it in top shape because they'll deem that it's fine and can go a few years without any improvements needed. The government needs to leave the KTA alone and maybe save some money by leaving round a bout projects off the table. Every road doesn't need a roundabout!

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Highly anticipated opening of new Dillons set for Sunday

Dillons winning formula:
Nice new store...
Same crappy service.

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Town Talk: City ready to spend $885,000 on new trash carts, set rates for new trash service; weekly land transfers

This is the worst waste of money I've ever heard of. If trash carts are such a good idea, and saves so much money, why haven't they been free to use this entire time. Secondly, why am I forced to have an oversized trash bin that won't even fit in to my garage. Third, are they really going to end up telling us how much trash we should have? Are we supposed to horde our trash? Should we drive it around and find the nearest apartment dumpster to dump our crap? Do we burn it? Is that really what they want? If not and they continue to allow us to put whatever trash out, then what is the point of this? Could they find better use of their dollar on a training video on lifting trash and legal form where city workers sign that they understand how much weight they can lift, and how to team lift heavy objects? Should they recieve free gym memberships and have to pass a physical? Why not take the $900,000 and invest it in the start up of a recycling program. I'm pretty sure people would rather have their rates increased for a recycling program. Buy us smaller bins for that! If we all recycled that would create less waste, less trash in the landfill, and less for the garbage men to pick up. Now if this makes too much sense, I apologize, I am not as smart as the city commision.

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Power restored to all Westar customers

Thanks hopefully I'm not part of the unlucky 100.

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