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Dems hold their own in county

I've known Mr. Ellis for years, he was my middle school history and geography teacher. He is a very good man, and a would have made a good senator. Ms. Francisco is also a good senator, so we were lucky in Lawrence to have a good choice. Congratulations to both of these fine candidates. I hope that Ron runs again, for the State House, as that legislative body could use more voices of decency and moderation.

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Roundabout rules

Actually, if people use roundabouts correctly, you only have to worry about traffic in one direction, and that's to your left. As long as people on the outside of the roundabout yield to the people inside the roundabout, there is no problem. It's when people who are not in the roundabout get impatient and try to crowd in, is there a problem. Just remember to yield left, and you'll be fine.

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Student impact

Great post, I agree with you completely....sadly though, it will fall on deaf ears with most of the wingnuts here. They preach religion, but despise spirituality. The scream for tolerance, but are completely intolerant of people not of their viewpoint.

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Stretch of 31st St. to be resurfaced

I completely agree. This is the worst possible time to do the 31st Street repavement, while 23rd Street is also under construction. Next thing we'll see is a new roundabout going in on 19th Street!

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Fans celebrate U.S. soccer victory

He also, obviously, didn't watch the game. I dislike the general disdain people have for a game they have never watched. If people paid any attention to the game yesterday, it was tense, exciting, frustrating, and fun...everything the KC Chiefs, Royals, and most of the other teams in the region have not been over the last few years. Next time you should sit through the game, and then make sweeping generalizations, you won't seem so ignorant....

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Fans celebrate U.S. soccer victory

Just because you don't like it, does not make it less relevant....Obviously you're a Jayhawk fan...do you give so much derision to the non-revenue sports the Jayhawks play? Only an non-observant loser would say something so stupid about this game, quite possibly the most exciting soccer match the US has ever played. You obviously didn't watch the game, so give us all a break, and shut up....

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Kansas House advances coal plant legislation

laughable moron

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Kansas House advances coal plant legislation

Last time I checked, the environment doesn't stop at property lines, genius. If I pollute my land, because I'm a property owner, and can, because it's my god-given, gun totin' right, does it mean that my pollutants will remain on my property?

The only way that happens is if I put a massive bubble up, all around my lands, and, of course under them too. So no air or water can escape onto other peoples properties. Because I'm a property owner, and I have rights, and what my property produces can't move to other peoples property.


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Kids vote Obama in a landslide

Wow...How bitter and cynical do you have to be to criticize kids voting?

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Keegan: Great Santee speaks

Wes Santee.....hello Pot, this is Kettle.....Wes Santee is not a great person or athlete. Truly "great" athletes don't throw races for money, and then lie about it afterward. I believe he should be stricken from the KU Hall of Fame.It's a shame that Keegan and other media types still feed Santee's egomania by referring to him a great. He's a stain on the great history of KU track and field.

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