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Lawrence High alumni partner with Free State Brewery for 'Lion's Pride' beer

Now I may have a reason to try beer.

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Letter: Track congrats

Great post Steve and yes us Chesty Lions are very proud of the girls!

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What chain restaurant would you like to see come to Lawrence?

Maybe Golden Coral

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Local tech company featured in The New York Times; chicken and doughnut restaurant opens in West Lawrence

Karen had told us they were going back to South Carolina where they have other establishments. They decided to close The Hibachi Grill since the landlord kept raising the rent.

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Lawrence has few emergency veterinary resources for after-hours care

I was never offered Dr. Lewis' number when calling for an emergency.

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Lawrence has few emergency veterinary resources for after-hours care

First of all, I would like to comment on Jarrett. Back in January 2006, Jarrett had performed surgery on one of my dogs and it was a Friday. She said that my dog did well in surgery and we took her home. Millie (my dog) began hemorrhaging and we called Jarrett. Again, as usual I spoke with an answering service who advised me to take her to JoCo. Fortunately Dad was a retired surgeon and began compressing her wound and she finally stopped, only to begin a few hours later. After a long night we went to a different vet who was open on Saturday mornings. She gave us some medicine and told us that it should slow down on the bleeding. In the end, I had to have Millie put to sleep because the tumor that was removed rapidly grew back within a week.
I adore Animal Hospital of Lawrence and highly recommend them to anyone, even if the answering service told me no one was available.
Also, Chien is a female but that's okay.

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What is your favorite dog breed?

Almost any dog that needs a home!

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