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Kansas governor announces cuts to public schools, higher ed

Hyundai overstated the gas mileage on a few of their cars and they are now paying $360 million to their customers. Brownback overstated the condition of our economy and now our children are going to pay.

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Cutting of Saline County jobs ignites feud

A lawsuit was filed yesterday by Bruce Wyatt, former State School Board member. He was granted a temporary restraining order that allows the employees to keep their jobs. By the time of the next hearing, new County Commissioners will be in place and will likely reverse the decision of the current commissioners.

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Cutting of Saline County jobs ignites feud

This is merely the latest in a long line of bone-headed decisions and gaffs by the Saline County Commissions. Several months ago, one of the commissioners dropped the n word (actually said "n-rigged") in relation to some project needing to be done. They also voted to prohibit the local health department from distributing IUDs on religious grounds. They hired a director for the health department who had been fired from that department for sexual harassment. There are more examples but I don't want to write a novel here.

One of the guys on the commission can barely read.

They are worst examples of local governance that I can conceive of, and all three of them who are currently sitting need to be removed asap.

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Brownback announces $280 million in allotment cuts to fill budget shortfall

Let's not forget that GSB took credit for properly funding KPERS. That was the one thing in his campaign that I actually believed. I'd like to know how this will affect current and former state employees, and whether this will affect our bond rating. I'd understood that the reason it was necessary to fund KPERS was because the companies rating Kansas' credit worthiness were not happy about our under-funded KPERS obligations.

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Editorial: Judging judges

Why vote to remove him when he still has a bare majority attorneys and judges approving of the job he is doing? Perhaps we could do better?

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Challenged by the center, Brownback sticks to hard-right message

This strategy worked very well for McCain in the last Presidential campaign. I can see why Brownback would want to follow it.

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State senator cuts $2 million proposal for research at KU; fellow lawmaker suggests removal is a vendetta

This is what happens when Salina replaces Sen. Pete Brungardt, a well-respected moderate R with Arpke, a part-time substitute teacher.. . . Sad.

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Area legislator hopes to halt Common Core in its tracks

Other than not knowing where Common Core came from, what's in it, the effect it would have on our children, and not knowing how it compares to NCLB, Rep. Dove is all over it!

Ditto for the science standards.

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Kansas considers banning minors' use of tanning beds

These folks are exposing their children to harm in the name of vanity only. There are none of the benefits from physical exercise, reduced calorie intake or other positives in the other examples you gave. I have no problem with the legislature taking a look at this measure.

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No new faces on House panel to push for charter schools

Charter schools have never shown that they can educate kids better than public schools, at least not when all the other variables are taken into account. The legislature should be focusing on improving what we have, not unrealistically looking for a silver bullet.

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