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Jayhawks make it back from D.C.

What? Another tragedy (this time man-made) for one of our young Jayhawks!

KU freshman Josh Selby also returned with the team.

Selby had planned on traveling from D.C. to Baltimore on Thursday for Friday’s funeral of a loved one.

“Maeshon’s (mother of Selby) godson — one of Josh’s best friends — was murdered Saturday,” Self said. “He found out as soon as the Texas game was over. He went back with the full intention and our full intention that he was going to stay and go to the service tomorrow, but with the weather situation and at the request of his family, they thought it was in his best interests not to go (to Baltimore), but come back with the team so he’s with us right now.”

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Jayhawks make it back from D.C.

I'm not sure 'take care of' is the best choice of phrase ... there certainly will be loads of support, but no one can deal with the situation aside from Thomas himself. He has struggled mightily since Jayla's call in the wee hours of last Saturday, and it is far from over.

I have faith in him to conquer this series of tragedies and move ahead with what his young life has dealt him.

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Late TV starts for Big Monday not ideal, but mostly unavoidable

I agree that ESPN is in business to make money, and their 'double dipping' just to get a ten (or 30) minute viewer boost is nefarious.

Petitions and boycotts sound to me like kids whining on the playground. It is more likely to generate more government intervention (so bureaucrats can tell us one more thing we have to do 'for our own good') than improve or correct any problem. I am sure it wouldn't take a whole season for this and other boards to be flooded with posts longing for the 'good old days' of 2009.

What would ESPN listen to? How about LAWYERS? Kick in $10 apiece and hire one to bring a suit for false advertising? If they say KU is on at eight, then put KU on at eight or else treat them like a home repair company with fraudulent claims of energy savings.

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