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Josh Selby to attend class Tuesday

Did you guys even read the article or know anything about his situation right now? It's a big deal because he hasn't been allowed to go to class for the last two and a half weeks because he hasn't been cleared. As the #1 player incoming player in the country we might be interested to know that his grades wont be totally screwed by the time he gets cleared to play so he can still play in the second semester when games actually count.

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Man accused of violent sexual assault on bike path may have been involved in two earlier attacks

I have known both of these guys for over six years now, and I can tell you all that Nate (left) is a complete hard a** and would have beaten the life out of that guy if he had caught him.

Both of these guys are very modest and their behavior in this whole thing doesn't surprise me at all.

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A new tradition commences: Lions go out with a roar at home field

Do you guys ever get tired of complaining?

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Hacked off! Lawrence computer users exposed to a variety of hacking techniques to compromise online accounts

A couple final points. First, a clarification was printed in today's (3/5/2010) Journal World that stated: "Specifically, the Free State lip dub was copied (and paraodied) without defacing the original posting. Whereas the original Lawrence High lip dub was hacked and its audio track irrevocably corrupted, which led to the original posting being deleted, along with its 130,000 views and 200 comments." Second, the hacking of the LHS video included some pretty nasty homophobic comments, which, as a community, I'm hoping we'd all agree is despicable.

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Firebirds’ offense comes alive in win

Oh yeah, one more thing. LHS has won more state titles than Freestate BY FAR in the time Freestate has been open. And really?! we can't brag about tradition? So let me see.... no KU fan can brag about any titles we have won, or the fact the man who invented the game coached here, just because it was before our time. Please. Try not to make yourself look so foolish.

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Firebirds’ offense comes alive in win

Thank you LHS mom for not letting these uninformed (not unintelligent) posters know what's what. LHS was extremely fired up for the game because they were very agitated at the youtube hacking that is AGAINST THE LAW. LHS has yet to break any laws this week... so to say the school that broke the law is classy is a little ridiculous. I am not saying yelling profanities at a sports game is appropriate. but IT HAPPENS. Both schools have shouted equally bad things before. such as accusing Bobby Davis of taking peoples ipods when he never took a single one. Or calling him daddy's boy. Freestate didn't have much of a need to yell BS last night either, they were getting almost every call. Take yourself of your pedestals for a second and realize each school does gives as bad as it gets, and that these are KIDS! The kids in america thing was sweet. They sign was sweet. The bowling pins for Marcus was sweet. The LHS student section was sweet. Freestate's was almost silent the whole game. Go lions!

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